Cosmetic surgery saves a girl from being bullied

Cosmetic surgery saves a girl from being bullied

These stunning images document the life of a young girl who underwent four surgeries to treat her cracked lips, a "lip of the rabbit," after being constantly bullied throughout her life.

Lorraine Cross, 21, was born in Pontifract, West Yorkshire, with a cracked and sore throat. She underwent surgery for only three months and was forced to undergo surgery again at the age of three, To her thigh from the thigh when she was ten years old, and after joining school, was subjected to bullying and called it some with the "distorted face", so that one of them was writing the day before the surgery because he hoped not to die during the process sarcastically, and then She underwent a recent operation to rebuild her nose at the age of 17.

After doing the bone-marrow operation from her thigh to build her gums and adjust her nose in 2015, Crosse is no longer subjected to such harassment again. "I have to admit that it was not always easy," Cros said, according to the Daily Mail. "I have had to wear a brace on my nose for four years as part of my therapy," she said. "The worst part was getting a break out of school because I hated going out and seeing my friends."

Crosse struggled to follow her passion for swimming due to painful ear injuries often caused by cleft lip, and although she has many friends who support her, going to high school was difficult for her.

"I knew what they were saying about me behind my back, and I received anonymous messages about social media. I remembered a message on the graduation day that I was greeted with a distorted face. They said they hoped I would not die when I performed my next surgery in a sarcastic way. They are hiding and I do not know who they are. "

"In high school in the sixth year, I had only problems with the older boys I did not know and I do not know who is sending me the messages. In the seventh year, one of the adults shouted something about my nose and ran away. I chased him at school and tried to find out his name I told the teacher. "

"When I was a 13- and 14-year-old teenager, I was upset because I was worried that it would give people a false impression of me. I did not want people to deal with me as the girl with the cracked lips, but only through my personality," she said. "My biggest and most shocking operation was the bone grafting, which required a piece of hip bone and put it into the incision to close it. That way, I let the teeth grow." There was a lot to go in this age, so I did not want to do it again, I put false teeth in a few years, and I still have it until this day after ten years Approximately ".

"I wondered if I wanted to do rhinoplasty because it would change my nose slightly, but I knew it would also benefit my breathing," she said. Will help open my nose, the most frightening part was the suffering I was experiencing shortly after surgery. "

Crosse refuses to allow her condition to affect what she loves and always enjoys yoga, dancing, mountain biking, fishing and going to the gym.

"For me, it's all about touching yourself with positive feelings, be it through people, places, your activities and your profession," she said.


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