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Convert any music track to 8D audio using this amazing application – Nulled

Peace be upon you followers of the blog Houhou Information, will be the subject of our blog for a day on how to convert any music to the eight-dimensional technology using your Android phone. The concept of converting songs to 8D is the sound of the 8D. In short, it moves the sound from the right speaker to the left speaker at a specific speed and pace. To hear it clearly, earphones must be set. We will use a special application for conversion to download from the link below.

After you download the application we enter it. Wait a few seconds after the application will request permission to access the media in your device

You allow it to access the media after which you will see this screen

You’ll find in the right-hand corner the 8D is written to be activated until it turns red

Then move to the Songs section of the existing sections And You will find all the music in your device. Play any clip and it will automatically switch to eight-dimensional sound
Application Download Link: 8D Music Player
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