Containers for the new terrorism .. How to exploit "calling" ladies after his defeat?

Containers for the new terrorism .. How to exploit "calling" ladies after his defeat?

Containers for the new terrorism .. How to exploit "calling" ladies after his defeat? containers for the new terrorism .. how to exploit "calling" ladies after his defeat?

Books - Mohammad Attaya:

In the wake of the loss of his last pocket in eastern Syria, women have become their most valuable asset, and a way to provide a last chance for the organization to survive, seeking to use them as "containers of seeds of terrorist ideology," according to a new report by the Daily Best.

The American website explains that the real threat posed by women is not just fighters, but incubators for the next generation of fighters.

A recent report by the Middle East Institute warned that the descendants of the organization's fighters were in prisons and called on detainees in Syria's democratic forces to be "cruel."

"We left the organization and gave ourselves up so that God would give us the opportunity to give birth to another generation of Mujahideen," she said in a news interview a few days ago.

The BBC's jihadist, Mina al-Lami, revealed that the organization was preparing to use women to carry the offspring of al-Qaeda members and to keep them out of the fighting after sensing the end of it. This was evident in a propaganda video broadcast before the last " Urging "Mujahideen" to continue fighting, and did not mention women.

Terrorist groups follow a system of "patriarchal structures" in which women are generally barred from participating in combat, but the women's group has been encouraged to use that role as propaganda to encourage other Muslim women to join the organization.

In October 2017, he declared in a press release that it was necessary for Muslim women to perform their duties on all fronts in support of the Mujahideen in their battles in the Middle East and prepare themselves to defend their religion by sacrificing themselves for the sake of Allah.

The site said that some of the fighters Al-Daashiyat launched suicide operations in Mosul in 2017, pointing out that these attacks did not have a significant impact, but the organization achieved what he wanted in his visual publications on the importance of women's participation.

According to the DailyBest website, women who have become a threat to the international community and exploited by the terrorist organization in the best way will not carry out terrorist attacks in the same way as men, but their danger lies in their being "the evil of the oppressors."


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