Club: Manchester City will not be affected by our victory over Bournemouth and these are Mani's chances tomorrow


Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp says the possibility of their victory tomorrow against Bournemouth will not make Manchester City feel too much pressure.

Liverpool face Bournemouth in the 16th round of the English Premier League, hours before a heated clash between Chelsea and Manchester City.

Manchester City currently top the table with 41 points, just three points behind Liverpool.

"I do not think Manchester City feel any pressure. Our first goal is to give us the highest performance against Bournemouth, Bournemouth at a good moment. The opponent always has difficulties with this team," he told a news conference in the Mirror newspaper. Are now full of confidence. "

"Being in first place is great, but it may only take a few hours."

"Luprin is not available tomorrow because of the concussion, we will not risk it, Klein also, Nabi Keita?" After the Naples match, he needed time to adjust, we realized his quality, Engaging players at the right moment. "

"He's trying to be the first time, he does not seem to be ready for tomorrow's game, and he's in good shape, and Robertson, Gomez, he's sad to miss us, he was in a great position, he helped us a lot, he Still young, it could have been worse, to miss 6 weeks is a big thing for us, but that means it will be available for much of the season, and that's good. "

Asked about the reliability of the rotation policy, he said: "We need to be perfect in the Turf Moore stadium. We'll need to do that in the next few weeks. Obviously we need all the players. Burnley has shown that."

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