"Client Smith" attacks applications "Android" and puts its place "fake"!

"client smith" attacks applications "android" and puts its place "fake"!

Security researchers have revealed that malicious programs are replacing the original Android applications with similar but malicious ones, infecting about 25 million devices across India and the United States.

Check Point Security highlighted the "client Smith" virus, following the fictional character in The Matrix, which can convert others into copies.

Instead of stealing data, malicious software replaces applications inside the user's phone with other malicious versions that expose hacked advertisements to allow them to achieve their desired goals.

To avoid detection, malware (under common applications such as "Watts" or "Flipkart") can also replace the code in the original program with a malicious version that prevents the application from being updated.

There are at least 15 million infected telephones in India, as well as the imbalance in 300,000 devices in the United States. The infection is also spread throughout Asia as well as the United Kingdom and Australia.

Jonathan Simonović, head of mobile threat detection at Check Point, said malware attacks user-installed applications silently, making it difficult for ordinary Android users to combat these threats themselves.

"The combination of advanced threat protection and threat intelligence, with a first-line approach to protecting digital assets, is the best protection against malware attacks such as Client Smith," added Jonathan.

The researchers say that "Client Smith" was able to deploy to devices, through third-party applications, 9Apps.

Once you access the victim's phone, malware disguises itself as a legitimate application, and then starts replacing the code.

The Virgins reported that malware authors also tried to target users' devices through the Google Play Store, through 11 applications containing fragments of malicious code.

The failure of the hacking was reported, as Google deleted the applications from its store.

Source: Daily Mail

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