Civil Aviation Authority Launches Online Services for Drones Aircraft Permit

Civil Aviation Authority Launches Online Services for Drones Permit

Launched General Authority of Civil Aviation Its electronic service for the authorization of UAVs "Aldronz",

Which is part of the comprehensive digital transformation project of the Authority's services. The Civil Aviation Authority's campaign was "easily stated and safely executed" to raise awareness of the importance of registering and issuing a UAV "The Drones"And to ensure that it obtains an operating permit from the General Authority for Civil Aviation, which is a prerequisite for its operation in the Kingdom.

The electronic service comes from the role of the Civil Aviation Authority in achieving a safe environment in accordance with the most accurate international safety standards, and within the efforts of the Commission to improve and regulate the work of UAVs "Dronz" to activate the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030, Drones pilot via the service website (
The Authority noted that the electronic service for the registration and authorization of the drone plane, "Aldronz", is characterized by the ease of all that the beneficiary is to visit the website of the service, and then fill out the application and track it electronically,

Where the service provided by the Commission is easy and flexible in ending the procedures, and linking with a number of government agencies to facilitate and facilitate the procedures of registration and issuance of permits.

The Authority stressed the importance of issuing the Drones UAV license through the dedicated website. A number of steps have been identified to obtain a permit for the use of "Al-Daroun" for the non-commercial "recreational" category of aircraft registration, issuance of the operating permit and approval of the General Authority for Civil Aviation In a specific location. The steps to obtain a permit to use the drone for amateur and personal use were also identified by registering the aircraft, issuing the operating permit and practicing the hobby through the aviation clubs licensed by the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

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