Chinese woman can not hear the voice of "men"

A Chinese woman can not hear the voice of men

Doctors diagnosed a woman with hearing loss, making her unable to hear men's voices.

The patient, the city of "Xiamen" on the east coast of China, which only known as "Chen", woke up to find that she is unable to hear the voice of her lover.

Local reports confirmed that the patient went directly to the hospital where doctors tried to detect strange symptoms that were unlike the most common forms of hearing loss.

A specialist expert diagnosed Chen's condition, with a reversible reverse hearing loss, where only high frequencies were heard.

This condition is believed to affect not only one of about 13,000 patients, who have hearing problems, according to the figures.

"The tension may have contributed to this situation, and it is reported that Chen was suffering from nausea and tinnitus in her ears the night before her ordeal," doctors said.

Chen believed that a good night's sleep would solve the problem, but the next morning, she was shocked when she found that she was unable to hear her partner's talk and rushed to the hospital where she was seen by an ENT specialist.

The reports said she was able to hear every word from a female throat, according to Dr. Lin Xiaoching, who treated Ms. Chen.

"She was able to hear me when I spoke to her, but when a young patient entered, she could not hear him at all," Dr. Xiao said.

It is usually difficult to diagnose this condition, because both doctors and patients are unaware of their existence, and can occur because of heredity, which means that people have never been able to hear low voices, such as "refrigerator hum".

The patient revealed that she was working late in recent times, putting her body under a lot of tension, stress and lack of sleep.

Dr. Xiao believes that fatigue and additional stress for long days may have contributed to the disease, explaining that it is important to treat the symptoms quickly with the expected recovery of Ms. Chen in full.

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