Chinese Dron is capable of detecting and destroying American F-35 "Ghost" fighter jets

chinese dron is capable of detecting and destroying american f-35 "ghost" fighter jets

China's Shenyang Aviation Industry Institute (Dron), an attack aircraft called Divine Eagle, has developed its mission to detect and destroy stealth fighters.

Divine Eagle was developed at the request of the Chinese Army, specifically for the detection of US F-35 aircraft, of which the United States has 700 aircraft.

According to the institute's data, the new Dron has the largest wing of all aircraft in China, and even the largest in the world of drones.

The new aircraft is equipped with many equipment, including a heavy radar to detect targets, and can fly at a very high altitude, making it easier to detect targets than ground radars because the latter is bound by the bending of the surface of the globe.

According to the data revealed, "Aldron" has long-range air-to-air missiles such as PL-15, PL-12D and PL-21.


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