Chinese company forces employees to walk !!

Has become known about some Chinese companies are heavily controlled staff and foreign sanctions, which many consider to be devoid of humanity! Perhaps the latest strange behavior of these companies is what a Chinese real estate company imposed on its employees fined them a sum of money if they did not achieve the monthly goal of the steps!

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<p>Some health insurance companies use applications on smart devices to track their customers' daily excursions and offer discounts on future plans if the customer meets the company's goals. According to several reports, a number of schools have been forced to walk on a daily basis and periodically check the application by measuring the steps on their mobile phones to ensure their commitment.</p>
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Even private companies are becoming more interested in achieving their daily walking goals by encouraging employees to walk a certain number of steps a month, in exchange for rewards.

However, some companies have applied this idea to a very large extent, and chose to penalize staff if they fail to achieve the goal required daily.

Chinese company fines employees if they fail to walk 180 thousand steps per month !!

According to the China Times, a real estate company that did not disclose its name in the southern city of Guangzhou is asking its employees to walk at least 180,000 steps a month. There are no rewards for achieving this goal, but if employees fail to reach the target, they are subject to a penalty of 0.01 yuan for each missing step.

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<p>Although the monthly task is to reach 180,000 steps, it means walking 6000 steps per day, a big problem although it does not seem so.</p>
<p>Staff complained about this strict system of walking, considering that it affected their daily lives and the number of hours they slept, especially as the employee spent most of his time sitting behind his office and had to work during the evening hours as well.</p>
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