"Chevrolet" launches a stylish family car and cheap

The GM plant in Uzbekistan has been producing family Onix cars for a long time, with sophisticated features and a competitive price.

Rustam Yusipov, vice president of GM in Uzbekistan, said that the Chevrolet plant there will produce 2,000 cars of this type every year to meet the needs of the local market, the Russian market and some markets in Europe and South America.

"Chevrolet" launches a stylish family car and cheap

The cars will feature two models, a hatchback and a sedan, with stylish, streamlined structures and a five-passenger interior cabin with a touch-screen interface with state-of-the-art multimedia systems.

The cars will also be fitted with 14 and 15-inch wheels, four-cylinder engines, 120 and 140-hp engines, and 6-speed automatic gearboxes.

It is also supposed to offer modified versions suitable for off-road or snow-covered, and the price will start from 10 thousand dollars.

Source: Vesti

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