Causes the weight of the head and eyes from the back

Causes the weight of the head and eyes from the back Causes the weight of the head and eyes from the back

Causes of heaviness of the head and eyes From the back, many people have a heavy weight in the head and eyes accompanied by pain with a feeling of dizziness and headache, which makes the patient feel tired and lethargy and can not carry out his daily tasks.

Head weight may cause disturbance in vision, malaise and affect the psychological state of the person. In this article we will learn about the causes of head and eye heaviness from behind.

Causes of weight of the head and eyes from the back: –

There are many causes of head and eye heaviness from the back. This weight may be accompanied by many different symptoms such as chronic headaches and a feeling of brain pain, especially when thinking. These causes are:

  • Eat unhealthy and preserved foods as well as excessive sugars.
  • Lack of drinking water, which causes the brain to send nerve signals that translate water shortages into thirst.
  • Smell chemical detergents and perfumes permeable as this leads to the impact on the nervous system in humans, which leads to increased headaches and a sense of head weight.
  • Undertake extreme efforts or wrong practices and behaviors.
  • Alcoholism.
  • The length of time sitting in front of computer screens, television, phones, etc., which affects the eyes and focus in general.
  • The person is subjected to severe stresses leading to excessive thinking and aggravation of headaches and head and eye heaviness.
  • Screaming, anger, and agitation in general.
  • Sleeping on the pillow the wrong way leads to a feeling of heaviness and neck and head pain.
  • Sleeping for more than eight hours a day can lead to fatigue, fatigue and head heaviness.

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What are the symptoms of head and eye weight? : –

There are many signs of weight in the head and eyes from the back that appear on the person affected such as permanent feeling of sleepiness and laziness of the body and loss of comfort, where the rate of low body activity and general weakness occurs as the person feels aches in the back of his head and heaviness in the eyes.

A person may also have low blood pressure, pale skin color, a desire to vomit and permanent nausea.

Pathological causes of head weight from behind: –

There may be some health causes of head weight from behind and come as a lack of perception and imbalance. The health reasons are as follows:

  • Myopia, hyperopia or other eye problems.
  • Low blood sugar.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Inflammation of neurons responsible for body balance.
  • Anemia caused by a lack of hemoglobin causes headaches and head weight.
  • Suddenly moving the body, such as standing suddenly when waking up.
  • Sinusitis.
  • Severe head injuries cause headaches and head heaviness from behind.
  • Chronic migraine.

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Treatment of head weight with herbs: –

The causes of head and eye heaviness from the back can be treated naturally by herbs. These recipes are:

  • Ginger reduces the feeling of head pain and heaviness of the eyes and is used by eating boiled ginger and is prepared by placing slices of fresh ginger or ground in the appropriate amount of hot water and is taken after it has cooled.
  • Turmeric, which reduces the feeling of heaviness and back head pain by adding turmeric powder to diets, can also be added to a cup of boiling water and eat it daily.
  • Tamarind Place the right amount of water in addition to the fruit of Tamarind in a pot and leave them for the whole night and then the fruit of the tamarind and drink juice twice a day during the morning and evening until the feeling of improvement.
  • Eat chamomile and boiled sage where they reduce the feeling of heaviness of the head and eyes.
  • Drink mint because it is a sedative that calms the nervous system and relieve stress.
  • Baking soda is taken by adding a tablespoon of it to a glass of water and then drinking it to relieve the pain of head and eyes heaviness from the back.
  • Peach leaves where a suitable amount of them are placed in a pot and then add a glass of water and leave on the fire until it is boiling and then filtered the mixture and drink.
  • Rosemary is eaten by adding the right amount of rosemary herb to a quantity of water and then the mixture is boiled on the fire and drain and drink warm.

Tips to reduce the feeling of heaviness of the head and eyes from the back: –

  • Address the main causes of head and eye heaviness from behind.
  • Exercise should be practiced permanently as it is an important factor to de-stress, stimulate blood circulation and increase the feeling of activity.
  • Doing deep breathing exercises that help the body to relax and feel comfortable.
  • Sleeping properly on a comfortable pillow and not sleeping for more than 8 hours during the day where increased sleep like you said fatigue the body and cause fatigue.
  • Drink plenty of water daily.
  • Avoid stimulants and caffeine such as tea and coffee especially before bedtime.
  • Stay away from drinking alcohol.
  • Maintaining natural herbs every day such as peppermint, sage and other herbs mentioned in an earlier part of the article Causes the weight of the head and eyes from the back It helps to strengthen the brain and reduce the feeling of pressure and nervousness.
  • Try to get rid of headaches by medical treatment.
  • Try to relax daily for half an hour as this helps open brain cells and increase the ability to concentrate.
  • Reduce sitting times in front of screens such as TV, phone and computer.

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After the completion of the dear reader of the reasons for the weight of the head and eyes from the back of the pathological and unsatisfactory, and what are the most important herbs?


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