Causes of women's constant tension in married life

Arabs today - the reasons for women's constant tension in married life

Many studies and studies have shown that women suffer more stress in married life than men. Most husbands complain about their wives' unjustified anger. Explain in this article what are the main reasons behind this tension:

– Community perception: Women feel that society holds them full responsibilities in married life, which drives them to feel tense. For example, if her children behave inappropriately, the community blames her and criticizes her upbringing without giving any blame to the father.

– Women's attention to the society's view of them: keen to give an ideal image of them in the community, increasing the concern and tension about the view of others.

– The tendency of women to rush to make decisions: Women are emotional by nature, so tend to make decisions quickly and then afraid to regret them in the future. This may increase the tension in married life.

– Women need to sleep more than men: Women wake up more than once during the night to care for their young children, and deprived of quiet and stable sleep, so they feel stressed by lack of sleep.

– Domestic chores: Women sometimes take care of housework more than themselves and feel nervous because they may neglect her appearance and her husband.

– Lack of appreciation: The woman hates to feel that her husband can not appreciate it, it increases the anger and tension. She also needs a husband to express his feelings, and feel her love and safety.

– Women are more emotional than men: Women drift behind their emotions and feelings more than men become angry and do quickly

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