Causes of inflammation of the tongue and gums of the extremities

Causes of inflammation of the tongue and gums of the extremities Causes of inflammation of the tongue and gums of the extremities

Causes of inflammation of the tongue and gums of the extremities, we present to you today the causes of inflammation of the tongue and gums of the extremities, are problems that many people face, and also there is not yet a scientific reason for the emergence of these infections, but due to the bad habits followed by many people that help On the appearance of painful infections.

Causes of inflammation of the tongue and gums of the extremities: –

The tongue and gums are sensitive areas of the human body and the appearance of inflammation in them causes a lot of pain and discomfort for the patient, and is considered one of the most important causes of gingivitis due to the accumulation of germs in the mouth and lack of cleaning teeth and adequate care that prevent gingivitis, as well as inflammation of the tongue due to infection with viral infection or biting Accidentally tongue.

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Symptoms of gingivitis: –

It is worth mentioning that the symptoms of gingivitis as doctors say that it may be in an advanced stage, but the symptoms do not appear significantly and clear, and can be mostly mild symptoms, but there are some characteristic symptoms through which to know that the gums are inflamed:

  • Swelling and sensitivity of the gums.
  • Bad smells come out of the mouth continuously.
  • When using a toothbrush, bleeding in the gums may occur.
  • Tooth decay and eat.
  • Deep gaps and pockets between the gums and tongue.
  • The color of the gums has shifted from pink to dark red or red.
  • A person cannot chew food well.

Factors leading to gingivitis: –

There are a number of factors that lead to the appearance of causes of inflammation of the tongue and gums of the extremities, including:

  • Hormones change, whether in pregnancy, puberty, menopause or menstrual periods, these changes make teeth more sensitive and also increase the chance of gingivitis.
  • Taking some medications may cause inflammation of the gums and since there are some drugs work to reduce the production of saliva and undoubtedly that saliva has a strong role in the disinfection of teeth and the elimination of germs that are formed in the teeth and gums.
  • Lack of care for brushing teeth or irregularity on continuous cleaning.
  • Also because of the genetic factor also has a role in this problem because when there are gum inflammation diseases in the family this helps its transmission among family members.
  • Smoking also helps gum infection.
  • Not eating healthy food and vitamin C deficiency.

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Treatment of gingivitis: –

There is no doubt that a quick diagnosis may help to treatment as soon as possible before inflammation develops in the gums and may lead to the loss of teeth and will identify the important things that help to treat inflammation of the gums as follows:

  • Clean the teeth to remove all layers of plaque and tartar and also remove bacteria in the teeth and under the gums by using laser or ultrasound.
  • Restoration of teeth by orthodontics and the installation of bridges if necessary.
  • Continuous care by the method of continuous follow-up to the doctor because simply cleaning teeth from tartar and plaque ends gingivitis must follow your doctor continuously to develop a special plan for dental care at home.

Tips for treating gingivitis: –

  • Take care to take supplements such as vitamin D.
  • Take care to eat foods rich in vitamin C such as lemon, orange or kiwi, as well as eating foods rich in antioxidants.
  • stop smoking.
  • Use a mouthwash that contains chlorhexidine that cleanses the mouth.
  • Take care of tooth hygiene and use toothpaste and brush daily.

Causes of glossitis: –

  • Because of the weak immunity and the immune system was unable to resist inflammation such as microbes or burns and wounds.
  • Also because of eating spicy or spicy foods.
  • Genetic factors have a role in this problem because of carrying genes that may lead to infections.
  • Also due to hormonal disorders of the mouth glands leading to inflammation of the tongue.
  • Lack of nutrients that lead to inflammation of the tongue such as minerals, acids and vitamins.
  • The practice of bad habits such as biting the tongue carried out by many people, which exposes the tongue to inflammation.

Treatment of glossitis: –

There are a number of recipes that can be done at home and help to get rid of the causes of inflammation of the tongue and gums of the limbs are:

  • Aloe vera gel or so-called aloe vera that contains antimicrobial substances and reduce the pain caused by inflammation, by extracting the gel from the aloe vera and put it directly on the tongue and repeat this process more than once a day, can be used aloe juice as a mouthwash of 3 or 4 times in a day.
  • Salt helps eliminate microbes and germs in the mouth that cause inflammation, by mixing a quantity of salt with warm water until the salt dissolves in water and used as a mouthwash 4 times a day.
  • Baking soda contains antimicrobial material by mixing half a teaspoon of baking soda with a small amount of water until it becomes a paste and then spread the dough on the tongue for a minute and then wash the mouth with warm water.

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Important tips for inflammation of the tongue: –

  • When you feel pain, put a piece of ice on the inflamed area to relieve the pain.
  • Do not use toothpaste that contains sodium lauryl sulfate because it can infect the lining skin cells inside the mouth.
  • Use a brush with soft bristles and brushing teeth softly and gently.
  • Rinse mouth with lotion to prevent infection and spread of microbes and germs.

Thus we have finished talking about the causes of inflammation of the tongue and gums of the limbs, and explained everything in mind of the questions in a brief and simple, I hope that you like your satisfaction and satisfaction.


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