Causes and symptoms of phobia of intimate relationships and methods of treatment

Arabs today - the causes and symptoms of phobia of intimate relations and methods of treatment

The problem is not strange at all, but it is common in many women, especially in our Arab societies, and this phobia poses a threat to marital relations and makes them gradually collapse if not treated properly and properly, With regard to the correct name of this type of phobia, called genophobia, in our next article we will address this problem in all its different aspects in terms of causes and symptoms and methods of treatment.
Symptoms of intimacy phobia

Symptoms associated with the problem of intimacy phobias can be described as follows:

The symptoms associated with this problem appear as a series of physical symptoms and physiological issues. These symptoms are similar and differ at the same time between both men and women.
These symptoms appear in the form of severe tremor and rapid heart rate, and feeling very tense, as well as sweating profusely.

One of the most important people who suffer from this condition, they have a big problem of looking at their bodies, and may be ashamed to look at them, and this is comprehensive all parts of the body, and some say that these patients are very ashamed to look at their genitals.

That some women suffer from a state of mistrust in themselves, which leads to a sense of hatred and unwillingness to exercise intimate relationships, as well as women who suffer from the problem of severe convulsions in the vaginal area, which causes the pain in the practice of the relationship and then work To avoid them to avoid these resulting pains.
Causes of phobia of intimacy

There are a lot of causes responsible for the infection of intimate relations, some of which relate to exposure to some accidents and shocks, others related to the methods of education and misconduct, and other causes and factors, and can be explained in detail as follows:

Sexual or physical abuse

This type of assault is one of the most important causes of this problem. It is a person being raped or even raped. This is common in both men and women, but it is more common for young girls. And before he receives this treatment he feels when any introductions to establish an intimate relationship with the feelings that he felt when this incident "rape", which leads to an increase in hatred and hatred of that relationship.


Which is also a common cause, and means a person at a young age to attempt sexual abuse, or to try harassment, this child feels very frightened, because he does not realize what happened to him by the adult or adolescent who harassed him, Any feeling of extreme hatred of his or her body and loss of confidence in other people.

There is also another type of attack, known as incest, and this type is known to establish intimate relationship without marriage for a long period of time, and often start this relationship since a young age, making the parties in a state of loss of confidence with other people.
Treatment of intimacy phobia

Treatment of this type of problem begins with chemotherapy and clinical detection. This is done by a doctor specializing in gynecology or masculinity. The primary role of this doctor is to determine whether the patient's condition requires medical or therapeutic intervention for the disease. In the case of making sure that this problem is due to psychological factors are starting to take the correct treatment steps depending on a set of steps and strategies, which comes primarily relaxation and talking to self and other treatment methods followed, and begins treatment of the psychological impact responsible for the problem.

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Causes and symptoms of phobia of intimate relationships and methods of treatment

Causes and symptoms of phobia of intimate relationships and methods of treatment

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