Catherine Hamnett, 71, says her age increases her self-confidence

Today's 71-year-old Catherine Hamnett confirms that her age increases her self-confidence

English fashion designer Katharine E. Hamnett, known for her political shirts and moral philosophy, talked about her childhood and her career at school and the job market: "Everything was wonderful until I was eight years old, when I was sent from France to an English boarding school in England. A terrible experience, an experience resembling a return to the 19th century. " "I think it was worse than the Holloway prison where at least there you could put your personal things on the walls."

"I ran away from school in the second semester, my parents were living in Romania, my father was a spy at the intelligence service, so I ripped a map out of the geography book and decided to go to England To see my aunt in Wales. "She added:" I did not go far the first night and found a barn on my way, where there were really strange people, all of them sleeping on armchairs with wings. The following morning, the public observer came to see me.

Hamnit explained how she entered Fashion "It makes sense to make your clothes 10 percent longer than you should be," she said. It was hard for me to get clothes in my uniform, so I started at 12 years of making it personally. I also had to learn how to make shoes.

"The fashion industry is not doing enough about climate change, it's dedicated to making a profit, and doing things in a cleaner way costs a lot of money," Hamint said, "and we need neat legislation that says we only allow commodities in our economic blocks that adhere to the same environmental and labor standards We have it inside.

"You should never meet the heroes of representative acts, they have texts of amazing stories, but they do not represent them at all," said Hamnett. "Michael Kane was a disappointment," he said. "We expected him to be as great as Charlie in The Italin Job.

Catherine said she saw former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at a cocktail party shortly before her death. "She was a lonely sad character," she said. "I told her I was the one who wore that shirt on Downing Street. She said to me," It must have made you happy, dear. "

Catherine stressed that owning your own place is the secret of a happy relationship, because then you will not need to endure the bad taste of another person. She explained that the most successful relationship she had started was with the idea: "We have to be completely honest with each other, even in our most insane fears.

"As you say, as you get older you become more confident and experienced because you are more confident in yourself, more confident in your views, you still feel 25 years old inside you no matter how old you are, sometimes looking at myself and thinking: Me? "I hate the exercise on stuff – but now it's doing or not doing."

When I was on the train to see my father in Stockholm when I was a teenager, I was lying about my nationality every time and at every station, but now I'm lying, "Hamnett said." I used to be a demented lie, people can never ask me a straight question and get a straight answer. Now it's very frank and I never lie, it's more fun. "

Catherine Hamnett Group is now available in the English market with its 100% recycled polyester jackets and goose feathers in collaboration with Duvetica.


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