Carpenter makes a "beetle" of wood and leads it from Peru to New York! (Video)

Carpenter makes a "beetle" of wood and leads it from Peru to New York! (Video)

A carpenter from the Dominican Republic has made a replica of the famous "beetle" and is currently driving it thousands of kilometers from Lima to New York.

The carpenter, Benvenido Ortega, gave the car to his daughter on her 15th birthday and promised to drive the wooden car with the Peruvian capital Lima and even New York City.

The carpenter has been living in Peru since 2010, while he completed the conversion of the "beetle" to wooden building on the old structure of the car, which began to "Volkswagen" production, in the seventies of the last century.

Although Najjar's daughter has reached the age of twenty years, he is still determined to live up to his promise, five years after his death.

Commenting on his long trip to Ecuador, Ortega told Raptelli, "In fact, I will come to New York after my daughter got married and has a child, but I decided to take her on that trip and celebrate Her 15th birthday, as a princess in her wooden car, just as I promised her. "

This was the second "beetle" made by a man made of wood, where in 2017 rode a similar car, in order to fulfill his promise to travel to New York, but it failed at the time did not reach beyond the city of Monteria, Colombia.

Source: RT


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