Can odors be sent over the phone? A scientific experiment may foreshadow it!

The impossible seems to be possible with the tremendous scientific development we have reached today! Malaysian experts have shown that sending scents through telephone conversations is no longer a miracle, but may turn into reality in the coming years!

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<h2>Experts develop a way to send odors over the phone in the future!</h2>
<p>"Digital or Electric Smell" is the term that researchers have launched on smells that will be shared through your text conversations with friends and family in the future.</p>
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The Malaysian team has been able to create "electric smell" by stimulating the nostrils through the electric currents, which in turn will stimulate nerve cells that nourish the brain with various odors.

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<p>"The process is part of an integrated virtual reality or enhanced reality, like getting a virtual dinner with your online friend so you can see it in 3D and share the meal with it," said lead researcher Adrian Schueck.</p>
<p>The researchers conducted experiments at 31 laboratories at the Institute of Imagineering Institute in Nusajaya, Malaysia, where they used electric electrodes in the nose slots to provide weak electrical currents on nerve cells, and to release brain impulses to smell. Scientists have been able to stir up 10 different virtual odors, including aromas of fruit, mint and wood.</p>
<p>The researchers hope the process will be a hope for patients to help restore the sense of smell they have lost. Although it seems far away, the entire process depends on "electrical stimulation", which means that it is possible and not impossible.</p>
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Can odors be sent over the phone? A scientific experiment may foreshadow it!

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