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Can I treat cats disease during pregnancy?

Can I treat cats disease during pregnancy? Can I treat cats disease during pregnancy?

Can we treat the disease or disease of cats during pregnancy ?, Today, we can answer the question: Is it possible to treat the disease or disease of cats during pregnancy? There is an important question in the minds of many of the women who raise cats in their homes, is it possible to treat the disease or disease of cats during pregnancy? So as to ensure the health and health of their fetus if they are infected with the disease of cats.

The answer to the question is, can cats' disease or disease be cured during pregnancy? You should know the details of the disease and methods of infection and the necessary tests to ascertain the presence of the disease in pregnant women or not, and this is what we recognize in the article.

Can I treat cats disease during pregnancy? : –

Cats at home can cause family members to suffer from a number of diseases such as cats disease, which affects women in particular and causes them a lot of risk during pregnancy, so most women wonder whether cats can be cured during pregnancy ?

To answer the question, is it possible to treat the disease or disease of cats during pregnancy? You should know about cats disease and its risks to women and the fetus, so that we can find appropriate treatment so as not to harm the safety of women and the fetus.

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Cats disease (pregnancy disease): –

  • This disease is caused by a parasitic infection called toxoplasma, which lives in the cat's intestines, passes through the feces of cats and causes contamination of fruits, vegetables, soil and water.
  • And thus it moves to the human through these things and cause human infection of cats, and the disease works to form clusters or bags in a number of members of the body, including the retina, liver and muscle, in addition to the brain, and the effect of the disease varies depending on the immunity of the body.
  • If the immunity is strong, it does not cause any harm, although the immunity of the body is weak, it causes a lot of damage to human health, especially women during pregnancy, as it may lead to abortion or deformation of the fetus.

Effect of cats disease on the fetus:

When a pregnant woman becomes infected with cats, the effect of cat's disease on the fetus in this case is very serious. The effect of cat's disease on the fetus may reach the extent of fetal deformation or obstruction over time.

Effect of Cats on mother and fetus:

When the mother becomes infected with the disease of cats during pregnancy, the infection is transmitted to the fetus, and this occurs more in the last pregnancy, but it is characterized by serious severity in the first pregnancy:

  • Many cases of mother-to-child transmission end with maternal abortion and incomplete pregnancy.
  • In a few cases, pregnancy continues, exposing the fetus to injury while in the mother's womb, and this disease causes many problems for the fetus.
  • Fetal infection of the fetus during pregnancy leads to postpartum convulsions, as well as swelling of the spleen and liver, and yellowing of the skin.
  • As a result, the eye retains a large amount of damage, resulting in eye infections. However, many problems occur after the child arrives, where he or she suffers from hearing loss, mental retardation and retinal impairment, leading to blindness.

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Cats disease of pregnant women and treatment: –

Cats' disease and treatment of pregnant women is thought to preoccupy many women, especially those women that raise cats, and the disease of cats to pregnant and treatment of things should be under the supervision of the doctor, and should be aware of how to become infected with the disease of cats to be vigilant and keep away from Sources of the disease, so as not to endanger the health and health of the fetus.

How to infect women with cats:

  • Women are infected with cats by touching the cat house or the vessel you eat, or the hatchery box, which can contain the parasite, in cats infected with the disease or cats eating raw meat.
  • Eat vegetables or fruits that have not been washed well, and which may have been contaminated by soil containing the cat's parasite.
  • Raw or uncooked meat, especially meat, pork, mutton and beef.
  • The disease may be transmitted as a result of a blood transfusion to a person or through the transplantation of organs with the parasite inside, but very rare cases.
  • The fetus may be infected by the disease during pregnancy or very shortly before pregnancy, but if the mother is infected with the disease well before the pregnancy is more than 6 months, it often does not cause injury to the fetus, because of strong immunity from the disease.

Cats disease analysis of pregnant women: –

When a woman is suspected of having a cat with some of her symptoms, she must perform a cat's disease analysis of the pregnant woman. The analysis of cats' disease for the pregnant woman includes a number of tests, and there are many tests for the human being in general.

Tests for the disease of cats in the body of pregnant women: –

  • During pregnancy, a woman should have been diagnosed with the disease of cats. She must perform a test by examining a sample of the amniotic fluid by examining a sample of amniotic fluid around the fetus to determine whether antibodies exist.
  • This test is part of the TORCH test, one of the tests used to examine the microbes that can infect women during pregnancy, including cat's disease.
  • TV or sonar: A test of cat disease can be performed by means of a television or a sonar, in order to determine the pathological symptoms of the fetus, such as head hypertrophy, which occurs as a result of fluid gathering around the fetus's brain.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): Magnetic resonance imaging is performed in the case of the central nervous system as well as the brain, where a sample of the brain tissue can be taken. This sample is examined using a microscope.

In the course of these tests, the doctor can answer many women's questions. Is it possible to treat the disease or disease of cats during pregnancy?

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Treatment of Cats in pregnant women:

Cats can be treated with a number of drugs, which can only be done under the supervision of a doctor, so that there is no risk to the fetus. The treatment of cats disease in pregnant women is simple and protects the mother and fetus from the risk of the disease.

Treatment of the disease of cats in pregnant: –

  • If a woman is not infected, this antibiotic will reduce the chances of developing neurological symptoms on the fetus.
  • When the disease is transmitted to the fetus, Pyrimethamine is used, and sulfadiazine is used. This is done after 16 weeks of pregnancy until all side effects of the drugs are avoided on women's health. And fetus.
  • If the child is infected with the disease in the mother's womb, they are treated like adults and given antibiotics for the disease, but the doctor should be consulted, and follow-up with him, as well as follow the symptoms or risks that may affect the child from this disease, In the first year of the child's life.
  • The woman should be careful to follow the fetus and consult with the doctor before taking any antibiotics so as not to be endangered or her child to have any complications, and these treatments rest assured that the women inside the question about whether the treatment of disease or disease of cats during pregnancy ?, It is only a fear, where it can be treated in easy and safe ways.

At the end of our journey, can we treat the disease or disease of cats during pregnancy? I hope you have been satisfied, and I will wait for your comments on this matter to benefit others.


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