Can a Watts AAP be detected on your phone?

Can a Watts AAP be detected on your phone?

The Web sites have been plagued by the latest security crackdown on the popular messaging service, WattsApp, which threatens the privacy of 1.5 billion users around the world.

The newspaper "The Sun" British it is difficult, and perhaps impossible, to users (and even Facebook) to ensure that their accounts are not compromised for the purpose of espionage.

– What happened in the penetration of Watts Aab?

An Israeli electronic security company, NSO Group, reportedly created a program called Pegasus, which hackers used to hack user accounts on WattsApp, allowing them access to messages, photos, contacts, etc.

The company (owned by Facebook) revealed the imbalance in early May, and launched an update now to fix the problem.

In this regard, many key questions have been asked about who has used Pegasus, and who has been hacked.

– Can I tell if your account is compromised?

Unfortunately, it is currently impossible to find out, and a report has been published about the possibility that all Watts-Ab accounts may be compromised, but this does not necessarily mean that malicious software is able to expose the privacy of each user.

The Sun said WattsApp was having trouble detecting the specific users, who were affected by the recent privacy breach. You also believe that warning users can cause a problem, because the messaging application has a secret encryption feature that prevents any hacking that targets private information.

However, the company is working with a number of human rights organizations, to ensure that activists are aware of this serious issue.

"We encourage people to download the latest version of our application, as well as to update the operating system on the phone, to protect against potential target breaches designed to exploit information stored on mobile phones," said a spokesman for The Sun. "We are constantly working with industry partners to provide the latest security enhancements to help protect our users."

In fact, it is possible that the spying process is targeted at very specific users, people with valuable information, such as journalists or lawyers.

"The risk in this event is that any Wattsp user, based on his phone number, can be technically targeted," said Nabil Hennan, an Internet expert at Synopsys. They have access to the phone's communications record, and every Wattsp user is at risk, technically, anyone can be attacked, either intentionally or by mistake. "

Experts found that it is difficult to detect the penetration evidence also, where the process of spying by calling the user's phone through the voice call feature in Watts Aab, without having to receive the call or press any option or button.

This means that receiving an anonymous call via WattsUp displays your phone for hacking, deleting the call log using malicious software.

The risk of penetration lies in the difficulty of detecting any evidence of a potential threat.

Of course, all WattsUp users should be very alert to possible attacks in the future, making sure no suspicious e-mails are opened, clicking on anonymous links, or delivering financial information via e-mail.

Source: The Sun

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