"Caliber 12" in the face of "Abdo contamination" … and "mule" and "colt" are competing

The comic names and promotional messages are a way of catering to attract customers in Egypt

The effort of restaurants to search for effective tricks to attract customers is always linked to the customer's psychological understanding in any society. Many restaurants in Egypt carry names that appear to some as comic, but they remain shocking to the majority. Other restaurants tend to invent different names for traditional varieties, Deception, and carrying messages of no less ironic than the names of restaurants.

These restaurants, which have chosen shocking names, have become widely recognized as popular restaurants, becoming, within a few years, a destination for prestigious personalities, artists and intellectuals.

The most famous examples of popular restaurants that have derived their fame from the names of strange, the restaurant «mule» specialized in meals «beans and falafel» popular in the neighborhood of the ancient Zeinab in South Cairo, and owns several branches in different parts of the country, and also restaurant «Aljhash» in the old quarter, Which has become one of the most important places where rich people, artists and intellectuals are keen to attend. The irony of the name has reached its mark on the facade, a drawing of two donkeys kissing each other.

It is also known as "Baha" and "Baja" in the same popular neighborhood, and turning to the destination of many symbols of the community, and the two competing restaurants, the so-called «fruit meat», which is some parts of the various sacrifices of «Kouar and Bshp and liver and Akkawi (tail) Calf), amphibians, sphincters, and head meat.

The names of the restaurants are far beyond Baha and the mule, with the names of restaurants such as Abdu Tawlout and Zizou Ntana, but these shocking names have also made their owners famous.

"The great popularity of the restaurant is largely due to the oddity of the name," says Gamal Mahmoud, one of the oldest employees of the Bajah restaurant. "According to my experience in various restaurants for more than 30 years, Is very successful because it attracts and never forgets people. "

It seems that humor and ridicule are a good entry point for influencing customers in Egypt. In the middle of Cairo, the Khedive is the sign of a restaurant with the name Saad Al Harami, and of course it is not a thief, as the name suggests, but one of the most famous bean vendors in the center of the capital. Most writers, intellectuals and writers have long years.

The story of the name that Uncle Saad narrated repeatedly to the media years ago to 1979 when he was sitting at night playing the "Damino" next to Naguib al-Rihani theater in central Cairo, and during the passing of the late Farid Shawqi stopped to play with him, and the bean seller cheated him and defeated him in the game , And called him «Harami», which stuck from the time.

Saad al-Harami told Asharq Al-Awsat: "For me, I am not ashamed of the name. On the contrary, I love him very much. He was the cause of my fame. The Egyptian people love humor, humor and ridicule.

One of the most important ways to attract customers is to find a banner on one of the restaurants that says "Enjoy the Amber". However, after sitting at your table, you are surprised that you will take the traditional lentil dish. Of course many customers know before entering the restaurant that there is no A class named Amber, but these tricks seem to appeal to them.

A worker at a restaurant in central Cairo said they were resorting to another trick to entice customers to launch new names on known dishes. Most often, there is no difference in dishes with a new name. Sometimes ineffective additions are placed on the dish to suggest a new innovation, Contribute to attract more customers.

The hoax of new names is pervasive in many restaurants, especially those that offer different types of sandwiches, which are promoted with slogans that also involve more tricks.

The restaurant called «Chicken Elephant» or «Elephant Chicks» name for the formulation of propaganda messages are different, as the name suggests to the customers to the size of the chicks to the size of figuratively to the size of the elephant, and called the delivery workers in various branches in the areas of Manial and engineers and the city of October 6 and Shubra and Maadi described «elephants» , And the name "Godzilla" on the main sandwich, which is the pieces of chicken fried with Turkish cheese smoked and sweet Chile and lettuce, and later announced in a message that Godzilla gave birth to a new sandwich under the name of "Baby Godzilla" Comic out of the restaurant name, Sandwich « The Japanese Elephant »is two pieces of chicken stuffed with cheese, and the fingers of fried crab and lettuce, plus Japanese sauce.

The restaurant "Darb Shakma" in the Sheraton Heliopolis area, promotes the concept of quantum in his messages, which starts from the slogan «Old Fat Tah» and offers sandwiches of liver and sausage and fattening, and pays great attention to Eastern breakfasts, and focuses on his propaganda on one of his meals that bear The name "caliber 12", which is about 12 Sandwich, is a liver and a sausage Iskandrani together.

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