Buenos Aires proposes to Russia to deploy "GLONASS" stations on the territory of Argentina

Buenos Aires proposes to Russia to deploy "GLONASS" stations on the territory of Argentina

Stanislav Makarchuk, director in charge of cooperation with Russia, announced that the Argentine National Committee for Space Activities had offered to deploy the stations of the GLONASS navigation system on its territory.

"Russia is one of the leading countries in the field of satellite navigation, and in order for this system to operate at the required level, it must be supported by ground stations in all regions of the world," Makarchuk said, "Therefore we propose the deployment of one or several ground stations in Argentina for monitoring and differential control of the navigation system."

Sandra Turocio, director of external relations at the Argentine National Committee for Space Activities, said that cooperation with Russia in the field of satellite navigation "is very useful for projects, agricultural research, transportation and maritime and river transport security."

"Russia has made it clear that it plans to deploy the ground-based GLONASS station in the province of Cordoba, where the Argentine space center," Teofilo Tabanera, "said Makarchuk. Noting that cooperation in this area must be established in the Protocol on Cooperation in Space Studies and Exploration for Peaceful Purposes, to be signed in the second half of the current year.

It should be noted that cooperation between the two countries is currently in accordance with the agreement signed between the Soviet Union and Argentina.

Source: Novosti


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