British scientists identify social factors that affect longevity

British scientists identify social factors that affect longevity

A group of scientists from London University College in Britain identified social factors that affect longevity and aging process.

According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists have concluded that four encounters with beloved friends and relatives per month positively affect longevity and slow aging.

In 4 years, the researchers followed the lives of 7304 people of both sexes, aged 50 years and older, and found that the health of older people who were interested in communicating with friends and relatives was much better than others.

More than 73% of healthy people meet their relatives and friends at least once a week, exercise, visit museums, theaters or places of worship, or are members of social organizations.

Researchers believe that people who live an active life in their old age feel important and effective so their health does not deteriorate and bring life to them more happiness.

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