Britain: We share the US assessment of Iran's threat in the region

Britain: We share the US assessment of Iran's threat in the region

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said London shared Washington's position on increasing risks posed by Iran and its allies in the Middle East to the international coalition forces.

Hunt said in a tweet posted on his Twitter account on Thursday that he discussed the Iranian file with his American counterpart, Mike Pompeo, during their meeting in Brussels on Monday, adding that London and Washington were working closely as usual on this issue.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for British Prime Minister Teresa Mae confirmed that the State Department had modified the composition of its section on Iran, pointing out that this action was due to the "increased focus on Iran," according to Reuters.

"The government of London has raised the level of security threats to its employees in Iraq and has put its staff and their families in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar on high alert because of the growing threat from Iran," Hunt said following a statement by Sky News.

A British defense spokesman told reporters that UK and US-led coalition forces faced a wide range of threats in the region, so a package of measures was needed to ensure the security of the British military. "The United Kingdom has long demonstrated its fears about Iran's destabilizing behavior Stability in the region. "

This came just a day after a dispute broke out within the coalition forces. The senior British official, the deputy commander of the "hard-core" operation, General Christopher Jake, denied the validity of US leaders' statements about Iran's increased threat in the region.

Source: RT + Agencies

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