Britain arrests brother of Manchester suicide bomber on arrival at London airport

britain arrests brother of manchester suicide bomber on arrival at london airport

British police said they arrested the brother of the suicide bomber in Manchester in 2017 on arrival at London airport after the Libyan authorities on Wednesday.

Police in Manchester said in a statement that they arrested Hashem al-Obeidi, 22, the brother of Salman al-Obeidi, on charges of "murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to cause a life-threatening explosion."

"Al-Obeidi was handed over to the British Embassy at the airport of Meteitika (near Tripoli) by a decision of the British judiciary and at the request of the British authorities," Ahmed bin Salem, a spokesman for the Deterrent Force, .
Obeidi was arrested in Tripoli days after his brother's attack in Britain.

Salman al-Obeidi, a 22-year-old Briton and the son of two Libyan parents, blew himself up at a concert hosted by American singer Ariana Grandi on Monday night, 22 May 2017, killing 22 people and injuring more than 500.

Source: Agencies


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