BMW launches a premium family car

BMW has recently unveiled a stylish hatchback model from its third class cars.

The new car comes with a distinctive 4m and 70cm streamlined structure, featuring LED lights, a panoramic roof that gives passengers a comfortable feel, a large front grille and wide air vents that reflect the sporty spirit of the vehicle.

BMW launches a premium family car

On the inside, the car comes with a five-passenger cabin with seats covered with the most sophisticated leather, and can be controlled by electric buttons, as well as a sophisticated driver interface with a pair of screens.

BMW launches a premium family car

The 500-liter rear car trunk, which can be increased to 1510, can be fitted to the rear row of the seats, and can be fitted with a clamp from all sides, to hold bags and luggage well during vehicle movement.

BMW launches a premium family car

The vehicle will be powered by three types of gasoline engines with 184, 258 and 374 horsepower engines, and 150 and 265 horsepower diesel engines, with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Source: Vesti

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