«Big Blue» … Sea of ​​Tunisia dishes in your hands

A kiss for foreign tourists and political and artistic figures

Once you enter the restaurant "Grand Blue" or "Le grand bleu" as is known in Tunisia so that your feelings are intertwined with the sea fragrance of Tunisia and fragrant smells of dishes sea and other fruits.

Here you will be swept by a blue sea scene that one day Queen Alissar sailed from Lebanon. In its interior, the history of French palaces and the elegance of Tunisian paintings will accompany you. Established in 1993, this restaurant is a favorite of Arab and foreign tourists visiting Tunisia. It is also one of the main stations for political men, presidents of republics and stars of art who have overcome the "big blue" so as not to miss the opportunity for them.

Flags of different countries of the world and small sizes welcomes you at the entrance to the restaurant. It is a tribute to the supervisors of this place to feel from the very first moment that you are a dear guest. The restaurant owner, Youssef El Maimouni, thought of everything that could tie the relationship to his client. Therefore, he created different sessions and walls that will make you feel like you are in the court of one of the Caesars and at other times you would be in an elegant cafe. With its red velvet chairs, a lavish maritime session, its walls and bungalows embroidered with miniature geometrical figures hanging from hanging gardens will go on. The colorful velvet curtains are loosened by doors and windows whose architectural forms are taken from ancient Tunisian architecture. The statues of Arab black horses and other colors of Tunisian porcelain, in addition to oil paintings, decorative mirrors and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling with lighting spread all over it make up the decorations of this place with marble floor luxury. Soft Velvet seats are attached to large and small size tables that begin your journey with Big Blue.

A team of scouts lining up around you are waiting for a signal from you to serve you. The menu is rich in seafood and Tunisian cuisine. The doors of his kitchen open to everyone are proof of confidence for both his and his friends. The cooks are regularly dressed, equipped with a heart and mold with hygiene rules and tools, giving you the opportunity to eat in comfort and tranquility. And between the appetizers of cold or "crackers" as they call it in Tunisia from the heart of lettuce with cheese, walnuts, heart of palm and salad of the sea with salmon and white eggs, and the salad of delicious octopus and warm broth and appetizer, to the other hot soup and other grilled clamard and shrimp with almond slices And tartar sauce, you will know that your journey is long in this restaurant for a variety of food and dishes that exceed 100. The cumin, with broccoli and shrimps baked with coconut or grilled with garlic sauce, is prepared to serve hot dishes of fried fish and spicy grilled. Here is the slice of fish with orange sauce known as "Solomon's Fish" and shrimp of large size with the sauce of the taste sour gourd known as the "Royal dish". Traditional couscous dishes with lamb or fish have another story that tastes out of the ordinary. With the exception of pastries Spaghetti, which decorates the Tunisian table in the style of "spaghetti pasta" with grouper or thalatelle with goat cheese and mushrooms. The famous spaghetti dish in this restaurant, which you can not find anywhere else in Tunisia, is the Grand Blue Spaghetti, made from cream sauce and cherry tomatoes with large-sized shrimp and white fish eggs.

Everything in the "Great Blue" will see you to visit it again, its walls carrying the memories of children and adults, and the echoes of the footsteps of foreign and Arab delegations visited it as it is the front of the sea restaurants in Tunisia.

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