Biden: Trump's foreign policy has done damage to America

Biden: Trump's foreign policy has done damage to America

WASHINGTON – Democrat Joe Biden, the likely candidate for the US presidential election in 2020, has attacked President Trump's foreign policy, saying it has damaged the reputation of the United States.

Biden said in a speech at the University of New York City that Trump's policy has damaged "the reputation of America and our place in the world, and I am very confident in our ability to lead the world."

Biden criticized Trump for "abandoning" the leading role of the United States on the international scene and stressed the need for collective action to combat climate change, proliferation of nuclear weapons, terrorism and cyber attacks.

Biden said he would withdraw most US troops from Afghanistan, end US support for the Saudi military operation in Yemen and reaffirm adherence to the country's commitments to NATO allies.

Biden also said he would lift Trump's travel ban on citizens of several Muslim-majority countries and end the separation of migrant children from their families on the border with Mexico.

Biden criticized Trump's withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran, asserting that he would return to abide by the agreement if Tehran complies with its commitments.

Biden plans to return to the Paris climate agreement and press North Korea to take stricter commitments to abandon its nuclear program.

Joe Biden was the former vice president, Barack Obama, during his mandates in 2009 – 2017, and before that was a member of the Senate for Delaware for decades.

Biden ran the presidential race twice, the first during the 1988 elections and the second in 2008, but withdrew from the race in the primary party.

Source: Reuters

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