Beware .. Serious software threatens 10 million phone "Samsung"!

Beware .. Serious software threatens 10 million phone "Samsung"!

The CSIS Center for Information Security warned of serious software threatening more than 10 million Samsung phones.

More than 10 million users of Samsung phones recently downloaded a malicious software called Updates for Samsung through the Google store and were "blackmailed" through the program, according to experts at the center.

The problem with this program, according to the experts, is that it does not help users download free updates for Samsung phones as its developers claim. Instead, the user is sent to a web page full of annoying ads and proposes to remove them for $ 9. USD for helping him download updates for his phone.

Most dangerous of all is that the fraudsters who oversee the work of this program and after obtaining the bank card information for users who agree to the terms of their malicious program do not transfer funds through GooglePlay, but through a suspicious website, the extent of which has not yet been determined by its seriousness or safety. Confidentiality of user data.

CSIS experts advise Samsung users to avoid downloading such software, but to rely on safe and secure ways to update their phone software through its settings menu.

Source: Live. Ro

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