Beware of these foods before intercourse because of damage to the relationship

Beware of these foods before intercourse because of damage to the relationship

You may wonder if eating has to do with intercourse, in terms of enjoyment, attractiveness and sense of ecstasy inevitably has to do with the reasons for which smell, including influence on the level of hormones, specifically the hormone masculinity.

Pay attention to some of the foods you and your partner may have that have a negative effect on intercourse.

Here's some information about eating, eating, and foods that may cause frigidity:

There are foods that you should absolutely avoid before intercourse, especially garlic and onions because of the burping that comes from them and the smell of breath, and there are other foods that may affect the smell of the body, including the ring. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid these foods completely before intercourse hours.

You should avoid beans before intercourse, as they lead to abdominal gases, as well as other foods that cause bloating such as frying, cabbage, flower, broccoli and corn, as well as any alcoholic beverages; because they cause poor concentration and distraction, which affects the enjoyment.

Asparagus from bad foods before intercourse; it increases the feeling of urination. Therefore, it is preferable not to take it at all before starting intercourse.

This does not mean that the following foods may lead to permanent sexual frost, but it is linked to the process of sexual intercourse that follows the eating directly, which you must know and avoid eating before practice.

Sussex contains substances that affect the levels of the male hormone, which may lead to some frost before sexual intercourse.

Cheese contains substances that cause bloating and may lead to feeling upset.

Artificial meat contains a number of preservatives that cause imbalances in the body's hormones, leading to some frost before intercourse.

Baking due to details in its composition leads to a low level of masculinity in the body, in addition to causing some swelling in the abdomen.

Inorganic soy products have a negative effect on the hormones of both men and women, leading to low sexual desire. Therefore, it is forbidden to take it before intercourse directly.


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