Beware of Samsung phones, Facebook’s strongest partner in privacy violations

Beware of Samsung phones, Facebook’s strongest partner in privacy violations

Samsung smart phones, like all Android devices, come with applications that are installed by default for users, including normal applications such as video player, including applications from other companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

Beware of Samsung phones, Facebook's strongest partner in privacy violations

The Galaxy S8, one of the latest smartphones in recent years, comes with Facebook apps installed on the phone by default.

A recent user who bought the two-year-old Samsung Galaxy phone, Nick Winke, a photographer, discovered that when he tries to delete the app from his phone he has no option to delete it but only to disable it.

• How this serious flaw was discovered

It may have been preceded by many users who tried to delete the Facebook application from the smartphone and were surprised by the real time.

Nick Winke bought his Samsung Galaxy S8, an Android device that comes with the already installed social networking Facebook, when it was introduced in 2017.

He used the Facebook application to connect with old friends and share his landscape photos, but when he tried to remove the app from his smartphone, he did not find the uninstall option that usually appears in the application options on the smartphone.

The user found that the application can only be disabled and thus disappears from the main screen, while it can be re-activated without having to re-install it from Google Play.

Unjustified justification from Samsung

The company said that the presence of the Facebook application on its phone is to facilitate things for users and provide applications that are necessary to use, and is therefore keen to improve the experience of users.

She said that the option to disable in the new phones, provides disable the entire application and therefore does not work in the background and does not consume the battery or RAM, while the user can reactivate at any time and without the need to install.

Justification is an unconvincing fact. The presence of the application in the phone, even when it is idle, consumes storage capacity. It also bothers those who do not use Facebook and social applications on their smartphones.

• Most likely they are the result of an agreement between Facebook and Samsung

Personally, I think that smart phones come with pre-applications, not always to provide a good user experience basically, there are financial interests behind all this.

It is known that the companies that make android phones do not win much at the level of profit margin, such as Apple, which is to seek to raise the profit from each unit, are working on the installation of virtual applications in agreement with companies developed for them such as Facebook and Microsoft and this is paid by the manufacturers For smartphones.

I think that with 99.99 Samsung wins the Facebook applications that come in advance on its devices, which comes with the option of disablement and not the final deletion, and the interest of the giant social networks to extend this agreement to include more companies, awareness is growing about the seriousness of social network and time-consuming, Are trying in every way to prevent the emigration of people from their services.

Samsung has the right to seek to increase its profits in after-sales services, but not by replacing the disabling of the app by disabling only.

• Samsung partner Facebook

The agreement between the two companies and Samsung’s blocking of users from removing applications from their smart phones and only disable them makes them a partner of Facebook known to violate the privacy of users day and night.

The risk lies not only in the disabling feature, rather than in deleting the US company’s applications, but also in the ability of Facebook, which is unable to gather data from the Galaxy phones and send them to the company’s servers in strict confidence.

We understand very well that Facebook does not want to delete its applications from smartphones, but also understand that the company sponsoring many privacy violations can use the agreement to collect data and benefit users without their knowledge.

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