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Beware of a malicious and malicious new application that deceives users and steals them!

She warned Cisco Talos softwareT New as “Gplayed” can affect the Androe devices in general.

According to the report, Gplayed belongs to a family of Trojans, and according to researchers, it is very flexible and hidden under a code very similar to Google Apps, with the Google Play Marketplace classified to hide itself, as seen in the image below.

The malicious software introduces itself as a Google Play store to fool and deceive users to download and use it. Once installed, the application will steal all data in the phone and access any computers connected to any phone in the same network.

According to analysts Cisco Talos , GPlayed is a prototype in its final stages of evolution, but it has the potential to become a more serious threat, given its ability to transfer computer code to platforms without any complications. This app is not on the Google Play store, Convince the Privileges Users who are looking for download apps are not available on Google Play Store.


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