Beware .. Common applications on "Android" destroy your phone!

Beware .. Common applications on "Android" destroy your phone!

Internet experts have warned Android phone owners of more than 111 popular applications displaying "malicious" ads that can "bomb" the battery life.

These malicious ads are hidden in free downloadable games and cameras, which were available on the official Google Play Store.

The combined applications were loaded into millions of phones, including 8 applications that carried more than 9 million times.

But these applications contained "malicious software" that would create ads that could not be deleted, and hidden ads running in the back of the phone.

Malicious, hidden ads can erase phone memory and consume battery life, while fraudsters earn a lot of money.

"With the increase in advertising spending on mobile phones year after year, Internet hackers will continue to profit illegally through malicious adware," said Trend Micro.

Google stopped the vast majority of applications affected by the damage on the Play Store. However, apps remain installed on your device, and you should delete them immediately.

Fraudsters design ads that earn them money, by implicating the user with the difficulty of closing them, resulting in depletion of phone resources such as processor power, memory and battery life.

– How to delete applications from the phone "Android":

1. Open Settings and go to Applications.

2. Click the application you want to delete.

3. Click Uninstall.

The following are the most important applications affected by malicious ads:

– Magic Camera

– Frog Crush

– One Line Stroke

– Toy Smash

– Blur Master

– Selfie Camera

– Beauty Camera

– Jelly Crush

– Toy Blast

– Hi Music Play

– Soon Camera

– Easy Camera

– Easy Camera Pro

– Connect Smash

– Pixel Blur

– Draw 1 Line

– Date Stamp Camera

– [Draw 1 Line

– PIC Eraser

– Video Player

– PIC Eraser

– HD Video Player

Source: The Sun

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