Best restaurants for breakfast and early lunch on Crete

Today's Arabs - The best restaurants for breakfast and early lunch in Crete

Famous Greece Its rich history, its impressive cultural heritage and its countless archaeological sites that you can find throughout Greece, including the famous island of Crete. But before you start exploring Crete, you may first have to eat one of the early breakfasts or lunches Appetite in Crete.

Here are a selection of the best restaurants to eat breakfast or an early lunch in Crete:

Restaurant "Peskesi":

Located in Heraklion's Kapetan Haralampi Street, it is described as a fine restaurant with a friendly atmosphere. The restaurant is renowned for its superb local cuisine based on the crepes and bases of the Cretan cuisine, fresh Cretan desserts, salads, Greek appetizers and a delicious selection of Greek delicacies.

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Restaurant & Café "Cafe Mavrakakis":

Located in the heart of Chania, Crete, just 5 minutes from the city's old port area, if you come across this wonderful restaurant on a warm summer morning, try a cup of chilled coffee with fresh local pastries.

Restaurant "Hari's Creperie":

Another wonderful restaurant in Crete, famous for its range of pastries and pies, which includes a wide variety of sweet and salty Greek pancakes, the restaurant also offers a fantastic selection of appetizers, salads, dessert dishes, a variety of fruit salads and much more. The most important feature of this restaurant is also its use of fresh and healthy ingredients to make the food served inside.

Restaurant, Bakery and Café "Kormoranos Bakery Cafe":

Located on the street "Theotokopoulos", one of the most beautiful streets of the old town of Cricket, the restaurant offers a wonderful range of foods and snacks suitable for breakfast and early lunch, including fresh croissant pastries, Greek appetizers, Crete Such as "lichnarakia", one of the most famous traditional homemade desserts in Crete and freshly stuffed pastries decorated with cinnamon and sugar.

Restaurant "To Stenaki":

Another wonderful restaurant is located in the Greek town of Khanyeh and is famous for its Greek ice cream, as well as a wonderful selection of local specialties in Crete, especially sandwiches and pastries.

Restaurant "Svelto":

This restaurant is located near the famous "Min Saintas" cathedral in Heraklion, Crete. The restaurant is famous for its superb range of snacks with a variety of coffee drinks, fresh juices and sandwiches, local Greek salads, traditional Greek pastries and pastries, The foods you can eat at this restaurant are the famous "mizithropita" pastries, a mizithra cheese pie famous in Greece and made from goats' milk.

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