Best home security cameras


Most home security cameras perform the same basic functions: monitor any movement, record the event, send an alert to the owner, but do not perform it in the same way.
Some cameras have distinctive features beyond these basic functions. Here’s a look at the latest security cameras.

Premium Cameras
> Arlo Pro 2. Price: $ 429.99. The Arlo Pro 2 camera adds more brilliance to a truly distinctive camera. The previous Arlo Pro was a superb security camera, and the second generation seems to have extra power, greater precision and better motion monitoring, along with a long list of features such as power-on or battery-powered flexibility (plus a solar panel that allows the camera to work without the need) To any wires).
> «Uma Butterfly». Price: $ 199.99. Ooma Butterfleye is one of the best home security cameras thanks to its wireless operation, backup storage capacity and advanced features of artificial intelligence.
This camera does not look like any other traditional home security camera, so its traditional features also include its features, according to PC World experts.
If you experience any power outages, the camera immediately switches to a backup battery, and the videos can be recorded in existing storage capacity when the broadband connection fails. In other words, this camera can continue to capture the most important details in the most difficult moments.
> Nist Kam Ay. Q ». Price: $ 349.99. Nest Cam IQ is a premium external security camera for anyone using Nest technology.
It is the most advanced external security camera in the market. The NEST CAM IQ comes with a 4-kbyte sensor, high-dynamic range, human monitoring capability, the ability to zoom in on people in the field of vision, and chase them around, taking a picture that shows the details of their exact faces.

Outdoor lighting
One of the best security cameras with external imaging package and lighting:
> Maximus Camera Floodlight (Maximus Camera Floodlight). Price: $ 249.00. This brand may not be popular, but it is not new. Maximus Camera Floodlight offers a powerful set of features at a compelling price.
You’ll find a lot of things you’ll love about this camera, from its clear 1080p 1080p video and dual-LED LEDs, which you can adjust to a special setting through the camera’s phone application.
Maximus has other features that distinguish it from other popular cameras such as the Range Flood Cam, which includes pre-recorded messages from the device’s motion monitor (to push the intruder into the camera) and an optional subscription service.
Without a subscription, you can only sign up for two hours back, and you can not afford more than three times a month, meaning that Range does not give you instant scenes or uploaded video copies without paying for them.
> Ring Spotlight Cam Wired. Price: $ 199.00. Spotlight Cam gives you excellent security for vulnerable outdoor areas. The Ring Spotlight Cam is a great choice for people who do not want to replace their current outdoor home with a camera with lights. You do not need to deal with electrical wires, because all you have to do is connect the camera to the nearest external socket. If your home does not have a similar socket, you can buy a battery-powered model and ship it with a solar panel.
Finally, the best security camera on the price level:
> «Shao Mai Home Security Camera» Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera. The Mi-camera offers you a flexible home security camera, full of good features and a reasonable price. The Shawomi My Home Security Camera may not be as cheap as the other cameras we talked about, such as the Wise Cam in 2, for $ 20, but the Shao Mai Home Security Camera is even better in performance and quality. If you paid $ 40 to buy them.

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