Best Glendale Hotels in the World for a Funmoon

Arabs Today - The best glacier hotels in the world for a fun month

We propose to the newlyweds who want to experience a special and unusual experience during the honeymoon in the winter, the idea of ​​staying in a hotel of the many glaciers that we find every winter in one of the Arctic countries such as Canada and the Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Finland.

Glacier hotels open during the winter and cold weather periods, which generally start from January to April, check with individual hotels for more details of accommodation, and the newlyweds should keep in mind that the glacier hotels are to enjoy the night experience Or two nights in it. It is not natural for a bride to spend her entire honeymoon trip in a snowy hotel. It's all about staying in this kind of hotel for a short time, then moving on to a hotel nearby, so let's explore three of the most beautiful snow hotels In the world :

Bjorli Ice Lodge Hotel Bjorli Ice Lodge – Norway

A luxury glacial hotel with a privileged location in a national park in northern Norway, in the town of Bjorli, surrounded by stunning landscapes and spectacular views of the Rauma River and the nearby mountains of Norway, this glacier hotel has ice suites and guest rooms designed with great designs and decorations It is decorated with glittering artwork and a lot of dazzling details. I am afraid of the cold, because the hotel will provide its visitors with special conditions and suitable elements that will give the place a wonderful feeling of warmth.

During the stay at the hotel, the grooms will experience the ambience of the polar environment, where animals such as gazelles, wolves and nature can be seen here. The hotel can be booked online and not only for one night. Of the honeymoon, the groom can spend it in a neighboring hotel.

Icehotel Yokas Yervi – Sweden

It is one of the coolest ice resorts around the world. It is characterized by its clear ice, natural surroundings and wildlife. The hotel has a large and huge building and is located in the north of Sweden in the city of Yukas Yervi near the river Torn. The hotel is built every year and usually starts from November to open in December and early January. It has 60 bedrooms, and every spring the hotel begins to melt. And then rebuilt again in the following winter, and the hotel is built by architects who devote every year to the completion of a dazzling design and distinguished by all standards, including decorative objects, tools and equipment that are not free of decorative elements and decoration.
L'Hôtel de Glace – Quebec Canada

L'Hôtel de Glace, as it is called in French in the Canadian province of Quebec, is a unique hotel that attracts tourists and visitors to enjoy a unique and exceptional experience. The grooms can reserve a room made of snow and ice pieces. From January to mid-March.

The reconstruction of the hotel, which stretches over 3,000 square meters in the following year's winter season after the exposure, begins again. The process of reconstruction will take a full month, and the bride will be impressed by the beauty of the hotel. The walls are carved and the designs include arches, columns and decorations. Candles and other decorations and decorations. All facilities are made of ice, including a coffee shop, museum, movie theater, ice skating rink, ice art sculptures, even ice-covered beds. On heating of an ice stove, w There are many touches that add warmth and comfort, including warm bedlinen, special sleeping bags in these polar areas, a sauna and other touches that make staying at this glacier comfortable.


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