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2018 was one of the most dramatic years in terms of diversity and variety of smart phones, especially in the last quarter where major companies such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Google competed to highlight each of their latest innovations in technology, performance and design.

As the year draws to a close, we highlight the best phones of the year based on design, future design, camera, audio, gaming, screen, battery life and last but not least the price.

Exclusive designs

> Best design. The competition in 2018 between the leading companies to provide the best it has, and the general trend in design is to get rid of the edges, so that the screen occupies the largest possible space of the interface of the device, prompting some companies to find an unusual place for the reader footprint.

Although Samsung started the wave in 2017 with its Galaxy S8, Apple chose a different design and gave us the bump that we saw in almost all phones of the year except Samsung, which seems to bend to this wave where it is reported that it will provide us with the first phone, Next.

One of the most popular phones of the year in terms of design: Galaxy Note 9 smart mouse and the iPhone XS Max screen giant, but we chose the Huawei Mt 20 Pro because of its slim design, which combines the largest battery in the world of smart phones leading by 4200 mAh, To fingerprint reader under screen.

> Future Design. The year 2018 was full of phones with unprecedented futuristic designs, mostly focused on finding a new and unusual location for the external speaker and front camera, which usually needs a good space at the top of the front of the device. The most prominent of these phones were the phone Opp X Find OppX, Vivo Nex, which came with hidden front camera at the top of the device appears only when needed via a router (mobile device), and the phone Xia Mix Mi 3 Mix, which came with a similar idea, The camera can be shown manually by sliding.

The most prominent of these phones was the ZTE Nubia X, which came in two screens, one in front and the other in the back, and completely abandoned the front camera can be used as the basic camera for Silvi or video calls when using the back screen.

Imaging and audio capabilities

Photography. It is very difficult to judge the best camera in the market. Even at the moment of writing, according to, the camera evaluation camera, the Huawei P20 Pro 20 camera was ranked first, but the site did not yet evaluate Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Google Pixel 3, which are distinguished by HD cameras. The Mighty 20 Pro delivers superb features such as widescreen, 3x zoom zoom and a macro lens that can shoot objects from just 2.5 centimeters away. But, most likely, the Pixel 3 camera is the best, especially in the night situation, which was created by Google to an incredible degree. However, both the XS and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 provide a very distinctive shooting experience, especially in the video section where Notte clearly stands out when it comes to slow motion Super Slow Motion.

* the sound. It was one of the disadvantages of the no-tiled design that most of the leading companies went to. There was not enough space to put a headset or speakers into the front of the device. We noticed that many phones came with one earpiece down the device. In contrast, Samsung has been able to supply its Nuts 9 with two, one on top and the other with Dolby Atmos, and a microphone with less purity to make it the smartest in the smartphone market.

Screen and battery

> Screen. The screen usually occupies more than 75 per cent of the front of the device, so you had to talk about the best screen in the mobile phone market. Although the Razer 2 screen has surpassed everyone at 120 Hz, the disadvantage of this screen is that you will not be able to enjoy it in the open spaces under the sun or in the high lighting.

Samsung's Super Amoled, which was used on the Galaxy S9 but was the winner of the Galaxy Note 9, came with the same technology but with a larger 6.4-inch screen at 1440 x 2960 and 516 pixels per inch supporting the HDR10 and running at 83.4 Per cent of the device interface to be on the list of the best smartphone screen in 2018 after fierce resistance from the iPhone XS Max phone.

* the battery. Despite the phenomenal evolution of the smart phone market this year, whether in design, screen or cameras, the biggest dilemma that has not had a magic solution has been and continues until this hour: battery life.

All of the leading phones share a battery life of almost one day. However, according to our tests, the Huawei Mait 20 Pro is the longest battery holder. It can be used for a day and a half using normal and up to two days with simple use, especially when the battery saver . This is due to the powerful 4200mAh battery, which supports super fast charging, up to 70% in only 30 minutes, and supports reverse wireless charging. You can charge your other phones in support of the wireless charging feature by placing it on the back of the 20M Pro.

the games

Games. No doubt, most of the leading smartphones are suitable to be a mobile where you enjoy a better and stronger gaming experience. Phones such as the iPhone XMax, the Huawei Mitt 20 Pro and the Galaxy S9 Plus and Not 9 all have huge specifications and powerful hardware until the phone came asus Rogue, who broke all these numbers and came With almost the most powerful equipment in the market.

The phone comes with a Snape Dragon 845, 8 GB RAM and a 4000 mAh battery. But the most important feature is the stunning 6-inch, 6-inch, 6-inch, 6-inch, 6-inch AMOLED display for the user to experience smooth and smooth peak performance. The vast majority of phones operate at a frequency of 60 Hertz except the Razer 2, which supports 120Hz That LCD screen. There are other options for games in the market, such as the Black Shark and the Hunner Play, which are convenient options for those who do not want to pay about $ 900 in a game phone.

> Price. Price has always been a key factor in our choice of any device we buy. The user wants the best device at the cheapest price, but with the surge in prices, this demand has become difficult. Samsung, for example, has priced its 9-note phone at about $ 1,000 and the top version of the iPhone XS Max reaches $ 1,500.

In the midst of this fierce competition, the One Plus 6T has emerged as one of the best mobile phones, with very high capabilities, equipment and specifications. The company has supplied the phone with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processors, 8GB random memory, 128GB internal memory, And 16-megapixel rear cameras with built-in fingerprint reader under the screen with front camera capability to unlock the device via facial recognition technology.

The good thing is you can get all this and more at just $ 500, half the iPhone X! However, I also found other phones in this category that are worth mentioning here: the PocoPhone F1, the 8 Mi Pro 8 and the Magic 2.

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