Bentley offers its Continental GT in Egypt

Bentley introduces its Continental GT in Egypt

MTI Group, the exclusive dealer of "Bentley"Luxury in Egypt, for the latest sports car for the British company, the" Continental GT "new.

The British Mark Agent announced in Egypt On the sidelines of a press conference, held in the latest showrooms Bentley in Cairo, that the launch of the new car coincides with the percentage of the parent company.

The conference was attended by Ahmed Al Ghareeb, CEO of Bentley in Egypt, Islam Tawfiq, Marketing Director of the company, Hani Salem, Bentley Egypt Manager and Costas Basas, Regional Sales Manager for Bentley Trading.

Speaking at the press conference, Islam Tawfiq said the new showroom was designed to meet the latest Bentley standards, enabling the customer to choose the best Bentley cars for maximum comfort.

Commenting on the expectations of lower European car prices, Taoufik said the current situation is already an indicator of the fall in prices of some cars.

Tawfiq confirmed that there are a number of factors that will affect prices, including the price of the car "new models" in the parent company expected to be launched early next year.

He pointed out that in the case of low prices will be the cars provided by the company is most affected by the decline in prices as they provide cars with large engines exceeding 2.0 liters.

He explained that the volume of investments in the Bentley showroom in addition to the Jaguar showroom reaches 60 million pounds.

For his part, Ahmed Al Gharib, CEO of Bentley in Egypt, said that there are serious discussions between the State and the British side to discuss the hypothesis of the exit of England from the European Union and the impact on prices in the future.

He added that in the event of Britain's exit from the European Union, it is expected that there will be a special partnership agreement between Egypt and Britain, similar to the Egyptian-European partnership agreement.

The Bentley Continental GT comes in the category of sport coupe, and stands on 21 and 22 inch sports wheels. It is equipped with a sports club, covered by luxurious leather, transmission, knobs and operating units in chrome.

The Continental GT, which first appeared in Egypt with a powerful 12-cylinder, 626 hp, 900 Nm torque engine, offers four different driving modes (sport – Bentley – Normal – Comfort) Engine, fuel consumption and suspension.

The British car is able to launch from stability to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds, and a top speed of 333 km / h.

Bentley's "Continental GT" starts at LE 10 million and 190,000.

On the sidelines of the conference, the company also presented a "Flying Spur" with a 4.5 liter 8-cylinder engine with 520 hp and a 680-Nm torque.

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