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Benefits and damages of cocoa to pregnant and fetus

Benefits and damages of cocoa to pregnant and fetus Benefits and damages of cocoa to pregnant and fetus

Benefits and damages of cocoa to pregnant and fetus Cocoa has various benefits for the health of pregnant women and the fetus. Excessive intake may cause some damage. Most pregnant women during pregnancy want cocoa and chocolate, but some scientific studies of family and child medicine have shown that excessive intake of sugars during pregnancy may cause Diabetes, but some other recent studies have shown that raw cocoa contains antioxidants and these substances are useful for the health of the human body, so my lady to make sure of Benefits and damages of cocoa Before taking it during your pregnancy, to make sure your heart is safe for your health and your baby's health, I will present this topic through your favorite magazine Cultural information, Woe to me, my dear wife.

What is cocoa?

  • Before you begin to know the benefits and damages of cocoa to pregnant women and fetal health, let's recognize what is cocoa?
  • Cocoa is a dark brown tropical tree, and these fruits are used in the manufacture of chocolate.
  • What about cocoa? It contains (fatty acids _ minerals _ vitamins _ fat iron)

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Benefits and damages of cocoa to pregnant and fetus

Certainly, Madam Cocoa has many benefits for your health, but eating it too often may cause you some damage, so today we will address the most important benefits and damages of cocoa to pregnant and fetus. : –

Benefits of cocoa for pregnant and fetus ::

Cocoa is rich in antioxidants that benefit the body of pregnant women,

And protect them from cancer and heart disease.

Cocoa is very useful for pregnant women, because it is rich in vitamins and minerals, such as: – Magnesium – Manganese _ copper _ iron _ sulfur _ Potassium), but it must be treated with caution and not excessive.

It works to improve the psychological state of pregnant women, pregnant women usually feel bad mental state of the hormone changes in her body, eating cocoa moderately improves the mood.

It is possible to use ground cocoa to get rid of stretch marks that appear during this period.

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Cocoa damage to pregnant and fetus ::

Of course, when you increase the intake of cocoa and excessive it may cause some problems, damage and adverse consequences of these damages:

  • Cocoa contains caffeine, so recommend nutritionists not to multiply because it may cause abortion for pregnant women to the extent of God, so you should consult your doctor before adding cocoa in your diet.
  • May cause headaches and insomnia at night.
  • When eating cocoa, you should drink plenty of water to take advantage of the nutritional value of cocoa, with no substances deposited in the stomach area. You can also add cocoa to the milk to get the important nutrients.

Cocoa benefits for skin and hair

Cocoa Benefits of Hair: Used as a treatment for hair from the problems of bombing and falling, helps to protect the scalp and strengthen it, an effective treatment for the removal of dandruff.

Cocoa Benefits of Skin: Treat acne and get rid of its effects completely, used in the treatment of sunburn, and it is a natural component maintains the freshness and beauty of the skin.

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Dear pregnant woman I always take care of your daily meals and drinks to get the health benefit for you and your children, and avoid harmful drinks This is the most important period for the formation of the fetus is the pregnancy, do not forget the work of the article on the social networking pages Facebook and Twitter to bring the subject to pregnant women to avoid the risk and damage cocoa and know On the most important benefits, God save you my loved ones.


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