"Beetles" Syria is sweeping Lebanon!

"Beetles" Syria is sweeping Lebanon!

After the suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus, the last two days arrived in the swarms of "black beetles" to Lebanon, across the Bekaa.

Residents reported seeing large numbers of them on roads, sidewalks and fields in a strange phenomenon that Lebanon had never witnessed before.

While local residents are likely to have the phenomenon of earthquakes or earthquakes often felt by insects in advance, they called on the government to take immediate action to reduce them.

Pictures and pictures of the social networks of the beetles, which raised "terror" among the inhabitants of the Bekaa villages, were published.

The "black beetles" have been spread for a while in areas in Homs and Hama in Syria, and swept large numbers of them suburbs of Damascus last week.

It is known that the scientific name of these beetles is "Calisoma calisoma", and is known to be a class of insects, "useful", both in the larvae stage or when they reach, they resemble cockroaches, but they have the ability to fly and climb trees, and smell foul if it is in the case Defensive.

The reason they appear in large numbers at this time of year is due to high temperatures that help them to grow, reproduce and escape from their hideouts.

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