BAHRAIN: Houthi targeting of Abha International Airport is a dangerous escalation with Iranian weapons

bahrain: houthi targeting of abha international airport is a dangerous escalation with iranian weapons

Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa condemned the targeting of the Huthi group this morning to Abha airport in southern Saudi Arabia.

The Bahraini minister said on Twitter: "The targeting of Houthi terrorism to Abha International Airport is a serious escalation of Iranian weapons and led to the injury of innocent people What is required is a clear and firm international position on the terrorism of the Houthis and Iran's support for them."

The Al-Masirah TV channel of the Houthis said this morning that the group had hit a cruise missile at Saudi Arabia's Abha airport and that the injury was accurate.

While the Arab Alliance confirmed the targeting of the airport, pointing out that it resulted in the injury of 26 civilians civilians, including three women and two children.

Source: RT


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