Bahrain conference between wedding and funeral!

bahrain conference between wedding and funeral!

Although there was widespread rejection of the Bahrain conference among activists and intellectuals, some voices enthusiastically supported the event and found an opportunity to resolve the Palestinian issue.

In spite of the strong and rejectionist attitudes towards the "Deal of the Century" in its entirety, few interested parties felt that the Bahrain conference was an irresistible fact, while others expressed despair and helplessness in front of this "pivotal" and big step, according to their description.

Between them and those, the veteran Saudi journalist Abdul Rahman al-Rashed shuddered away from the squadron, they say, and saw the century deal as "the greatest opportunity for the Palestinians to finally establish their state, or perhaps the funeral to bury the Palestinian cause."

Al-Rashed considered the Bahrain conference, the most important political project in the region, adding that governments are familiar with its broad lines, although it has not been formally announced.

It is remarkable that the Bahrain Conference has become a focus of polarization and confrontation between the parties in the Gulf region, and the position has become a way to get rid of opponents and settling accounts with them in cases far from the concerns of the Palestinians.

Source: RT

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