Avoid quarrel with your husband by following these successful steps

Arabs Today - Avoid quarrel with your husband by following these successful steps

Differences of views and heated discussions between couples usually lead to quarrels which complicate matters further.

According to psychologists, the development of discussions into a quarrel is caused by emotion and lack of thinking before speaking, which leads us to say hurtful words that may cause permanent damage to the relationship between you and your partner. To prevent this from happening, follow the following simple tips to prevent quarrels and to engage in offensive words before they begin.
1. Sit on a comfortable seat

If you are discussing with your husband and starting to improve that it develops and the emotion increases, look for the nearest comfortable seat for you to sit quietly. Where psychologists report that the state of standing puts the body in a state of stimulation, which increases tension and emotion. The sitting position stimulates the brain to release nervous signals of relaxation and calm.
2 – Ask your body to relax!

In the emotion of the discussion unit, the self begins to narrow, the throat dries, and the face begins to heat and redness. This is due to the rush of adrenaline to the blood. In this case, the quiet discussion may become impossible! To get your body back to normal and lower adrenaline again, close your eyes, take a deep breath from your belly and slowly pull it out, counting down from 10 to one. When you do this, your brain is fooled into believing that you are in a safer place and need a much lower level of excitement and fewer adrenaline.
3 – Ask questions to your husband

You may get some disturbing remarks from your husband during the heated discussion that you are misunderstood by the emotion. So instead of rushing to explain his words and draw conclusions, ask him what he means by saying that these words may have come from him without thinking and asking him will give him the opportunity to think again and retreat from what he said.
4 – Take a time cut before the confrontation

If there is something that bothers you and your partner, try to face it, do not rush to start the confrontation and you are motivated. Take time to think and calm before you start talking to your husband. Some may require hours of calm and some may require a full day. Take your time, think well, start a confrontation and you're quiet.
5 – Remember your love for your husband

Sit with yourself for a little time and remember that the love between you and your husband is what basically brings you together. Remember good attitudes for your partner and ask him for excuses before starting the discussion.

Talking to your partner is not a battle in which every party tries to prove that he is the right person, but to discuss them together must be the primary purpose of the real desire to find a solution that satisfies you.

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