«Avocado Toast» shoes ran men in food colors

«Avocado Toast» shoes ran men in food colors

Arab Today - «Avocado Toast» shoes ran men in food colors

Saucony has launched its latest shoe business by launching a new running shoe with the colors of the "avocado toast" meal.

Avocado Toast Shoes
The company has dedicated its new shoe "Shadow 6000 Avocado Toast" for men only and that new versions of women will be launched in other sizes soon.

What makes this shoe distinctive is the unusual colors chosen by the company, used green to represent the fruit of avocado, and added light brown to represent the toast, while the white color was chosen to color shoe insole.

The price of the Avocado Toast shoe
Those who want to buy this shoe can access the company's website, which is currently priced at $ 130.

This is not the first time that the company has inspired the ideas of its new colors of food, where last year launched shoes "Dunkin Donuts".

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