Australian artist surprised by her image in a declaration of weight loss

- An Australian artist was surprised by her image in a declaration of weight loss

Comedian Celeste Barber likes to publish strange and wonderful images through social networking sites on the Internet. She has created a reputation for celebrity imagery and has shared a wide range of photos with her five million followers through her personal account on "Instagram" The Mirror newspaper.

Many of her followers share pictures of Australian barber who is funny all the time, but she panicked after finding out recently that a slimming company had taken a negative photo of her products. According to the newspaper, one of the users of the Twitter blog, Barber, Weight loss products are used as part of a marketing campaign, and the ad promoted slimming sales through Wish Shopping.

Australian artist surprised by her image in a declaration of weight loss

A picture of Barbara wearing her underwear hanging over a bathtub, next to a picture of a slim model in a comparison between "before" and "after" claiming the use of slimming adhesive.

The company showed another of its sarcastic images in her underwear as well as a man who refused to look at her.

"Do you know that some companies use your photos to sell weight loss products? I like your funny pictures, but I find it important to know," one of the shoppers said.

"I'd like to know what's going on, you can not use my own photos to sell those shameful products," said Barber, 36, an angry Twitter tweak asking Wish Shopping.

This angered Barbara's followers through Twitter and exchanged comments on the matter, and some urged Barbara to sue the company and the advertising site.


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