Asus Announces ROG Zephyrus S The Thinnest Laptop Custom Game

Asus revealed a new laptop called ROG Zephyrus S, which is primarily intended for games. According to the company, the device will be exclusive for sale through the Amazon store, and also shows that there are two copies of the devices with a slight difference in the internal hardware.

The Zephyrus S comes with Intel’s eighth-generation Core i7 processor with 16 GB RAM, 512 GB of internal storage and a NVIDIA GTX 1070 Max Q processor.
Measuring the device, it comes with a 15.6-inch screen at 144 Hz and a response speed of less than 3 parts per second and with Full HD accuracy but surrounded by very small edges to give the device a better design and full screen display.
The new ASUS device will be priced at $ 2199 and will be available exclusively initially on Amazon on August 31, but it can be said that there is a version costing less than $ 100 from the basic version but it has a GTX 1060 graphics processor less than the first version and an internal storage area of ​​1 terabytes Larger than the first version will be available to all in mid-October next.
The design of the device comes in a combination of aluminum magnesium and plastic and the keyboard comes at the top of the lower half of the device comes as the touch panel of the mouse on the side and not the usual form of the laptop, perhaps to facilitate the process of playing sometimes.
The characteristic feature of Zephyrus S compared to the previous series is that it has a better cooling system and larger fans. It also has a Armory Crate command light system without having to get it from outside.

As part of the Hawho competition to win $ 500, which will be withdrawn today at 22H

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