Astronomers have set up a map of stars for the Voyager probe for 16,000 years

Astronomers have set up a map of stars for the Voyager probe for 16,000 years

The Voyager-1 probe and the American Pioneer-11 will reach the tip of the sun's closest star, Proxima Centauri, 16,000 years later.

NASA expert David Varnochia and Planck researcher Peyler Jones have published their predictions about stars approaching the two American probes that have left the solar system, according to

According to their calculations, the Voyager probe, which was launched in 1977 and is currently flying in an area of ​​140 astronomical units (the distance between the sun and the earth) from the sun, will approach 16,000 and 700 years from Proxima Centauri to 3.52 light years, Year of TYC star 3135-52-1, which is 46.9 light years from the sun to continue its journey towards Gaia DR2 2019429484365218432, which is 520 light years from the sun.

The American Pioneer probe, launched in 1973, will follow from Proxima Centauri to the star of Росс-248 in the Andromeda constellation, 10.3 light-years away from the sun.

"These calculations bring back to mind the speed that these two probes have now acquired," Baylor Jones said in an interview with

He pointed out that the asteroid "Uwama" coming to us from outside the boundaries of the solar system prompted scientists to develop a map of the paths of the probe.

Source: TASS


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