Article 101 threatens the Egyptian state television broadcasters

Article 101 threatens the Egyptian state television broadcasters

The Egyptian National Media Authority announced the application of Article 101 of the Personnel Regulations concerning broadcasters and the adoption of specific criteria for their continuation on the screen.

According to the article, the broadcasters will be trained according to a timetable set for July 1.

All standards for the continuation of any broadcaster or broadcaster on the screen shall be applied in accordance with the said Article, which includes the weight, performance and form of clothing worn by the software providers.

This article aims at the renewal of blood and the emergence of new faces on Egyptian television.

In terms of performance there are a number of items that must be adhered to to determine who fit to appear on the screen, including the personality of the announcer and the ability to control in difficult situations and elegance and lightness and good communication and wisdom and intelligence and respect for others.

As for the form, there are measures that should be observed for the broadcasters, the most important of which is the appropriate weight, which is set between 50 and 60 kilos, and the need for the announcer to have a smooth skin free of scars or bumps that the makeup can not avoid. The origin of the features of the Egyptian skin is the brown color which is contrary With some broadcasters trying to use creams and chemicals to whiten the skin and it is not desirable, and this also applies to the hair of broadcasters, some of them try to dye their feelings in yellow, which gives the specifications of Westerners, and when choosing the announcers should not be selected broadcasters short stature.

It is noted that Article 101 caused the application of many years in the removal of some names shining on the television for a temporary period.

Source: Egyptian media

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