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Are there weight gain exercises?

Are there weight gain exercises? Are there weight gain exercises?

Many weight loss exercises are believed to be used only for weight loss, but many help weight gain and slimming, which makes them feel uncomfortable and lose confidence. To avoid this, they eat plenty of fatty foods with calories Due to the nature of their bodies, which prevents them from increasing their weight, everything they eat becomes useless, but there is a lot of exercise that helps them gain weight.

It is a mistake to think that sports are used only to lose weight, but there are those who help in gaining weight, especially after performing weight training exercises and you open the appetite to eat a lot of food, and I talked a lot about this subject but to no avail, but now we will talk about some exercises Which increases the weight when followed properly for seven days, and this by increasing the size of the muscles of the body, and thus achieve what they want and increase the confidence of the individual in himself again.

Exercise that increases weight:

Exercise 1:

  • To stand straight and spacing between your feet slightly and bend your back forward while maintaining the integrity of your back, and carrying some loads appropriate to your hand and then raise your back up very slowly until the upright and become loads face your buttocks and repeat the previous five times with the increase of weights gradually.

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Exercise II: –

  • To stand upright and carry appropriate loads with each hand, and bend your back forward to equal the ground, and then lift your elbow in front of your head while maintaining the integrity of your back and then lower your elbow down and back twelve times.

Exercise 3: –

  • To lie on your back and carry each hand with a suitable load and lift it high up your chest and then down to each side and stay on this position a little and return it five times with weight gain each time.

Exercise 4: –

  • To stand upright and bear weights appropriate to each hand, and bending the right foot up and go down the body slowly, and then up and back this twelve times and then repeat what I did but with the left foot.

Exercise 5: –

  • To lie on your feet with your toes bend inward to raise your body a bit and prove your body on the soles of your hand and then raise your body up slowly and then down, taking into account not touching your chest to the ground and back twelve times.

Muscle building exercises :

  • There are also exercises in regular and regular exercise and good training to help build muscle in a harmonious and beautiful and thus increase the weight in a consistent and beautiful and healthy and not in the form of layers of fat flaccid and of these exercises.

1- Swimming:

  • Swimming is one of the most important exercises that helps in building muscle, especially as it uses all the muscles of the body and thus grow muscles in a consistent manner.

2 – sitting exercise: –

  • When sitting on a comfortable seat and the back of the back and stiff and carry appropriate weights in the hands and the hands and the hands and the repetition of this exercise as much as possible.

3 – weight exercises: –

  • It is known that one of the most muscle-building exercises is weightlifting. Weightlifting grows and the muscles grow up clearly, but must be under the supervision of a specialist to determine the appropriate weight of the body, and that exercises are gradually heavier weights so as not to cause any harm to the body, and this exercise helps to enlarge The muscles of the hands and of them helps to enlarge the muscles of the legs, including those helps to tighten the abdomen in an appropriate manner not loose.

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Stress exercises that play an important role in increasing the size of the body muscles: –

1– The usual pressure exercise: –

It is the installation of the body on the palm of the hands and toes with the lifting of the body to the highest descent without touching the ground and repetition.

2 – exercise pressure on the knees: –

In this exercise, the body is placed on the knees and the rest of the hands and feet, lifting one of the feet up while maintaining an angle between the thigh and leg and the foot back down again and repeat this movement several times and then repeat what we did with the other foot.

3 – Exercise lying: –

We lay on a sloping surface and load appropriate weights in each hand. We begin flexing and turning the hands and repeating with increasing weights each time gradually.

4 – jumping exercises: –

There is also jumping to the top by jumping is a simple and easy exercise and exercise for ten minutes is very useful helps in the activation of blood in the body and this helps to distribute food in the body in a healthy and appropriate.

The basics to be followed in sports activities:

  • These exercises alone and in a random way do not make sense so you must follow some basics to make sure to get a good and satisfactory result of these grounds:

First: – Knowing the causes of thinness and treatment and these reasons : –

  • Lack of adequate energy, due to lack of good foods or good diet.
  • Make a lot of effort and excess movement.
  • Some diseases that cause the body to not benefit from food such as bowel disorder or stomach and thyroid disorder or endocrine.
  • Depression and constant irritation lead to thinness.

In addressing these reasons we have passed the first step.

Second: – Exercise that we talked about earlier, taking into account the following : –

  • Determine the appropriate weights for each person through a specialist and this is for different abilities of each other.
  • Do not exercise more than an hour a day.
  • This exercise should be practiced day after day.
  • Drink plenty of water during exercise.
  • Diet should not be neglected because it is also an important factor with sports to gain weight and eat some of the following foods: rice, chicken breast, eggs, starches such as corn, carrots, potatoes, various vegetables and fruits.

Tips to be followed in the diet:

  • You can increase calories by adding healthy foods such as walnuts, seeds, cheese, almonds, sunflower seeds, fruits, whole grains, and wheat.
  • Eat protein-rich foods such as meat to help grow muscle and carbohydrate-rich foods such as brown rice.
  • Eat snacks that contain many healthy proteins and carbohydrates such as: chickpeas, peanut butter, nuts, avocados.
  • Eat small amounts of food throughout the day like eating every three hours.
  • Follow up with a specialist to see what vitamins are missing from the body to supply the body.
  • Taking enough sleep every day for at least eight hours helps your body relax and gives your muscles a chance to grow.
  • Do not drink water before eating until we are not satisfied.
  • Eat foods that add spices and delicious sauces to your appetite.
  • Quitting smoking by smoking leads to weight loss.
  • Eat in large dishes so take large amounts of food instead of small dishes that include small portions.

Weight-bearing exercises: –

Most of all, choosing the right time for these exercises, you prefer to exercise in the morning from 8 am to 9 am or afternoon, because at this time or time allows to eat a lot of food and calories, because it works to open the appetite in a way This helps to reduce muscle food and growth properly, especially exercise after breakfast and hence increases the weight properly and appropriately and consistent, and get rid of the body of stress and insomnia and becomes healthy and active, beside enjoying the activity of the day and do not feel lazy.

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At the end of our article, we offered you weight lifting exercises for all people who want to increase their weight, and we hope that the article has benefited you, and we hope that the information we have provided is useful and interesting for you, and do not forget to share the information to everyone and wait for your comments and suggestions.


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