Archaeologist in Syria: The Turks are sweeping the archeological sites "Balbalozerat" in Afrin

"War crimes must be held accountable," says the Director General of Antiquities and Museums in Syria, the bulldozing of bulldozers in areas controlled by Turkey, especially in Afrin.

"The dozens of sites in Afrin have been cleared by the Turks and all those who come under their flag from the terrorists," Dr. Mahmoud Hammoud told RT.

Mahmoud Hamoud pointed out that the Directorate recently received documents and photographs showing the use of "bulldozers" in the search for antiquities, and confirms that "the acts of vandalism and attacks on archaeological sites have never stopped and that it included all sites, although the appeal launched by the Directorate recently mentioned only four areas, Are the ones from which documents and photographs arrive. "

Director of Antiquities in Syria: Turks are sweeping archaeological sites  Archaeologist in Syria: The Turks are sweeping the archeological sites "Balbalozerat" in Afrin

Hamoud speaks of Afrin in particular and describes it as "a very rich area of ​​archaeological sites, and that the archaeological hills that are subjected to robbery and theft, are archaeological cities on top of each other, the height of the hill up to 25 meters and consists of layers of each belong to a period or civilization.

"They are destroying it all with bulldozers," Hammoud says. "They are scouring for treasures and ruins, that is, they are destroying a civilization to find archaeological finds. Of course, digging should be done with very precise tools, but they destroy an archaeological layer in search of a thing. Unfortunately, all shatter on their stupid and treacherous hands "

Four bulldozers in one location

"Four bulldozers are digging in one location," Hammoud says, noting that this means how rich the site is, with its effects.

On the site of Ain Dara, which was bombed by the Turkish forces before the occupation of Afrin, and this led to the destruction of basalt sculptures rare presence, Hamoud asserts that "from the first moment of occupation began to excavate, and now there is a bulldozer sweeping in front of the temple completely.

Another appeal

Hamoud describes these attacks as a "violation of all international laws and laws" and says that the loss of the effects means the loss of civilization, and the effects are a special kind of resources of the country, which if not gone back, and the effects are not as a well-drained oil well we find others, losing means that they will not return, Civilization has crashed forever "
"I wish all those who read this distress to have a role in stopping this destruction and aggression against the Syrian cultural heritage, which belongs to all humanity," he said.

Source: RT

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