Arab coalition recognizes the possibility of an "accidental incident" in the bombing of Sanaa today

Arab coalition recognizes the possibility of an "accidental incident" in the bombing of Sanaa today

A spokesman for the Arab coalition forces Colonel Turki al-Maliki that the command of the joint forces transmitted one of the results of the bombing carried out in Sana'a to the accident assessment team to consider the possibility of accidental accident.

Colonel al-Maliki said that the Joint Forces Command of the coalition completed the review of post-action procedures for operations in the area of ​​operations on Thursday, May 16, 2019.

"Based on what was revealed by the comprehensive review and operational scrutiny, as well as what has been shown by the perpetrators of the possibility of civilian casualties during the targeting of the capabilities of the Houthi militia supported by Iran in Sana'a capital Sana'a, the full documentation related to the incident to the Joint Accident Assessment Team for consideration and declaration Results for it ".

Maliki stressed the commitment of the joint leadership of the alliance to implement the highest standards of targeting as well as the application of the principles of international humanitarian law and customary rules of military operations and take all actions in relation to the occurrence of incidental incidents to achieve the highest levels of responsibility and transparency.

Earlier in the day, the coalition announced that it had launched a "qualitative" targeting of Houthi military targets in Sana'a. The raids also included warehouses, weapons stores and sites for the group in the Jabal Atan area.

The coalition stressed that the operation was aimed at "neutralizing" the group's ability to carry out "subversive operations" and called on the civilian population not to approach the target sites.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Sana'a, killed and wounded 32 civilians, including women and children, air raids of the Arab alliance led by Saudi Arabia, targeting the neighborhood of Rqas in Sanaa.

Source: Agencies


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